Cold snap to begin on Thursday

Expect some frosty mornings later this week

JERSEY is to be hit by the first cold snap of the winter – with snow showers possible by the end of the week.

Following a relatively mild start to the season, temperatures are due to drop from Thursday as freezing air plunges down from the Arctic.

Daytime maximums are likely to reach just 6°C and forecasters say a force six or seven north-westerly wind will make it feel more like 0.6°C. And the Island is likely to see a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and snow showers.

Jersey Met Office forecaster Peter Munns said: ‘We haven’t had any very cold weather yet this winter, but the temperatures are going to drop significantly later this week. It will not be the start of an extended cold period, but it will be a cold snap.'

Click here for a full weather forecast.



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Comments for: "Cold snap to begin on Thursday"


err right...ok,got it.


close the schools stop the buses.

Jersey girl 1983

Jersey Met have issued a snow alert for the next two days yet there forecast doesn't show the temperature dropping below 8 degrees and no sign of wintery showers????