£50k grant to help market national park

Mike Stentiford at the Frances Le Sueur centre. Picture: JON GUEGAN
Mike Stentiford

THE Jersey National Park is to receive a £50,000 grant to develop its potential as an internationally recognised asset to attract tourists to the Island.

Environmentalist and campaigner Mike Stentiford said that the money, from the Tourism Development Fund, would pay the wages of a part-time staff member to promote what the park has to offer.

It will also be put towards developing the Francis Le Sueur Centre in La Mielle de Morville in St Ouen’s Bay into the park’s visitor and education centre.

The Jersey National Park covers 16 per cent of the Island’s land mass along the coastline in eight parishes.

Full report in Tuesday's JEP.



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Comments for: "£50k grant to help market national park"

Squawkie L Pelican

Good job for the Trust the due diligence is so shabby at the States, they might have been asked to use the Shell Garden money, or some of their rent money... I bet their bosses get paid quite a lot more than 50 grand, who knows.