Surge of activity in building industry

Former JCG site: 187 new homes

JERSEY’S construction industry is experiencing a surge in activity, with work underway or planned on thousands of homes and millions of pounds worth of commercial space.

Following a tough trading period caused by the global downturn, there has recently been a spike in planning applications for large developments, and interest in careers in the sector has soared.

In a trend that is widely seen as signalling increased confidence generally in Jersey and its economy, work is underway or due to start on large developments totalling more than 900 units of residential accommodation, with more than 700 others currently going through the planning applications system.

Full report in Monday's JEP including a list of recently lodged planning applications and the ongoing projects in a news focus on pages 8 and 9.



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Comments for: "Surge of activity in building industry"


Another piece of good news that Sam Mezec and his Ruin Jersey will hate to hear.


I see bags (brown paper) for life have surged too, to hold all the dodgy IOU's I promise the pay the bearer. Easiest way to move our public money into private pockets? Construction industry. They say a casino would be bad for the island, it would be bad for the people who are involved in these building projects, because they can do this behind closed doors, with casino's you have to bit a little bit cleverer. And that's not for them. Put ministers on the board as a silent director, pay them well, you can pass anything. Easier than grating diarrhea!