Foster carers needed

Emmy Lindsey, team manager of Fostering and Adoption Jersey

FOSTERING and Adoption Jersey is looking to recruit ten more carers.

During a campaign in October to highlight the need for more fostering and adoption carers in the Island, about 30 people showed an interest. However, only 13 were ready for an initial visit.

Emmy Lindsey, team manager of Fostering and Adoption Jersey, said that a six-week training programme for those Islanders was due to start later this month.

She added: ‘Numbers have been steady at around 30 for two years but they have dropped to as low as 20 in previous years. This year we are really hoping to increase the numbers by another ten and reach 40 carers in the Island. It will be great even if we approved five more carers but ten is the number we are hoping for.'



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Comments for: "Foster carers needed"

The Mystic

They should make the process less intrusive.

Whilst I agree with a very detailed check on anyone wanting to Foster, some of it is just plain nosey.

We got put off after an "informal" visit and chat from the social worker who wanted a good old nose around our house. At that stage I do not see why they would want to do that we hadn't even decided or committed to anything.

After leaving the process before it got started there was no contact to ask why we had...that in itself seems strange when they are happy to ask all sorts on the visit itself of you. I assume they don't want feedback on their own performance?