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Total spin again from this failed politician

Who gave him his job, probably his mate Farnham as they are seen in the Yacht a few days before each press spin is released !


Get another boat and allow day trips and you just might get some of your customers back.

Phil Wells

A new boat will cost more than £1m


mmm...buying a real boat are we.! !


Being able to spend a full day in France than a few hours and a boat that can sail its scheduled sailings would be a good start


The scheduled sailings to France will never leave on time as there isn't enough time between the boat arriving from France and it leaving again to unload the boat and load it up again.

We used it every three weeks last year and not one Jersey to France sailing left on time. Even when the twitter account showed off that the boat had arrived from France early it still left Jersey late. A lot of this is the incompetence of the staff loading/unloading as it takes them far longer than their French counterparts, and a lot of them are standing around chatting on the bottom deck while the cars queue to go up to the top decks, instead of diverting some cars and parking them on the bottom at the same time ie multi-tasking. It's painful to see every time. They should bring the French crew over to train the Jersey one how to load a boat in good time.

Mind you we thank our lucky stars that we don't have the Liability on the French route.

Rob St Peter

Puffin...agree with your comments....especially re the scheduled turn around time being too short.

Twice last year, on returning from France, the end of the car queue for Immigration was actually on the Rapide car deck. I fully appreciate the need for Jersey Immigration to do their job, but there isn't enough room at the harbour to hold the cars whilst this process is completed.

The inevitable result ?....Condor are unable to start the loading of departing vehicles until the arrivals backlog has cleared.

Tony B

Do Condor really think the people of the Channel Island's are as stupid as they are? What a farce, Condor have one job, and screw it up.


It's okay making a booking - just got to keep your fingers crossed it sails - me i'm back to flying just booked flights for two and hire car in Gatwick for less than £200 - why use a failed company like ConnedOr !!!

Rob St Peter

No problem with the St Malo service....but to persuade Islanders to use the Condor Liability ? ( when the sea may be too wet ...etc ?! ) This man cannot be serious ...his big marketing campaign will change our minds ?...err, not


reminds me of the one armed bandits I used to play as a late teenager....hold....nudge, shuffle...gamble....spin....spin...spin


Would that not be better spent on increasing the reliability of the current fleet?


Use the "marketing budget" to reduce fares, that's more likely to attract passengers .


The problem is there needs to be reliability and certainty to win customers back. Maybe the One million would be better spent maintaining their boat engines. Until then, maybe putting a 'DE' infront of the boat name would be appropriate.


I fly in with B.A- £68 return,hire a car,£114, so £182 -ish. And I am sure to get here.unlike going on the Constipation Liability

£300 with Coonned Or. Which would you choose???

Un Vrai Jerrias

I travel to Guernsey @ least once a month for a day for work purposes.It,s been a nightmare getting there over the last few months.Impossible to do a daytrip with condor.They,ve got Liberation on St.Malo route @ the moment but only up to here.Why does,nt it go up to Guernsey & back each day.

Yesterday I had to resort to flying over & back.Cost me £120-00,double the maximum I,ve ever paid in the past.

Monopoly situation on sea/in air.