Plans submitted for third building at Finance Centre

Buildings Six (left) and Five of the Jersey International Finance Centre Picture: JERSEY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY

PLANS have been submitted for the third building of the Jersey International Finance Centre.

The Jersey Development Company, which is developing the site on behalf of the States, has applied to build a five-storey office block, with part of the ground floor to be used as a restaurant and café.

There would also be parking in the basement.

Building Six, as it is currently known, will sit next to Route de la Libération, just west of the underpass.

The planning application comes weeks after the JDC said it had seen a ‘massive spike’ in interest following the Brexit vote, with increased interest since mid-August as turbulent markets settled.




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Comments for: "Plans submitted for third building at Finance Centre"


How the hell the boy Ozouf thinks that concrete,glass and metal makes the town look prettier is beyond belief, he obviously has led a very sheltered existence !!!


That's great ,I would have them all the way up the esplanade, I mean you can never contain class. I mean these are not little boxes made of tiki tacky,. on a hillside. When they are finished, I will be down there with my picnic basket admiring the wonder of it all.


Jersey is rapidly going bankrupt and the goons behind these buildings are accelerating that disaster. Presumably someone somewhere is taking a massive bung, because why else would one make such massive investment in a declining industry.


Never mind, I am sure everyone's taxes will be 40% plus soon to pay for the 'lovely' buildings (except the 1.1ks with their nice low tax agreements)


The people protested against the construction of the 1st building, and rightly so because it is a repulsive structure resembling an Electrical transformer, or Refrigerator. Still, 'they' built it regardless....

Then 'he' said it was a beautiful building?! And now this?

Well, what's the point of protesting if they're gonna build it anyway, and then call the ugly monstrosities 'beautiful'?? I don't even know why they even ask the public. They always do as they want, cos even though we voted for them to work for us and with us, they rarely actually do.


Where is the money coming from?

All JDC "assets", no sorry, TAXPAYER assets are already used as security.

"ASS. C M OZOUF, BOLEAT are to blame"

The "Freddie Letter" when IZZAT of WEB wrote NO NEED for further office development on Waterfront!

GORST & the rest of the States that voted for the "Carry on ripping off" the HARD working TAX payers are as much to blame!

How much more damage can

ASS CM Ozouf & his 'loving' fans can do before the next election?

BIGGER MASSIVE BONUSES for 'top' of JDC, for helping to bankrupt


Finding Me:Mo

Simple question:

Who are the new to Jersey businesses that are formally signed up to occupy these offices so that there is no risk to the assets that belong to the people of Jersey?

Responses with the words 'confident' , confidence', interest, positive, pretty, close to, strong, massive, nearing, and Hitler are not allowed.

karaoke joe

A massive spike in interest after the Brexit vote ?. There was forecast of doom and gloom ,yet a massive spike in interest. I am sorry interest is not enough there has to be confirmation of business moving to Jersey. What is happening at this present time is that businesses already here in Jersey are simply moving premises. Fools trying to fool the public.

Tim South

It is high time corporate scrutiny under chairman John Le Fondre published their report on the office blocks profitability. He said it would be published by last September and then December but States members and the public have seen or heard nothing ?

It is generally accepted after being told by the disciples of SoJDC including Senator Ozouf that there will be no risk to the public purse ( which includes the publics land and property ) as the office buildings will only be built if tenants want them.

Well that is not the truth as the first building is not fully let with the promised brand new business attracted to Jersey ( the reason they were passed by the States in the first place ). Nor is the second building however a third building is seeking planning permission while the two previous buildings and Dandara new office block have vacancies. How can that be possible ?

There is a lot wrong with this situation in risking the publics assets ( for public assets read money for the those in denial being Philip Ozouf, Maclean and Gorst who just don't get it ) come on Deputy Le Fondre what have you and your committee discovered or is Mr Henry and his well paid posse still evading scrutiny’s questions ?


Gorst tells us daily about Brexit uncertainty now he tells us it could be good for jersey, the guy untrustworthy.


No leadership- he just goes with the flow.