‘Lord Reginald’ new video ‘fills a niche for satire and parody’

facebook reform jerseydeputy montfort tadier
Deputy Montfort Tadier in the character of Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III

A SATIRICAL online video which mocks the Council of Ministers and features a Deputy wearing a comedy moustache and glasses has been viewed more than 12,000 times.

The six-minute clip features Deputy Montfort Tadier in the character of Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III, the chairman of the fictitious Jersey Conservative Party.

In the video, which was posted on New Year’s Eve, the character criticises ministers for their handling of the new hospital saga, the Jersey International Finance Centre and a £400,000 loan given to technology company Logfiller.

Feedback for the clip has been overwhelmingly positive however some Islanders have labelled the video immature. Deputy Tadier said he expected ‘Lord Reginald’ to make more videos in the future.



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Comments for: "‘Lord Reginald’ new video ‘fills a niche for satire and parody’ "

Finding Me:Mo

This satire will fail in the same way Guernsey Futu failed. At the 2013 Guernsey Satire Awards they lost out to the everyday headlines of the Guernsey Press, and promptly gave up as they could not compete.

Sir Reg is against the JEP front pages....no contest .. Sorry Sir Reg.

Finding Me:Mo

Thank you JEP for reinforcing your position as the #1 source for satire 'on' Jersey.

Today's headline;

"Shopkeeper feared being stabbed."


The only reason its had 12,000 hits is because Reform Jersey have been paying Facebook to promote it. The most tragic thing about Deputy Tadier's performance in this video is that not only is it pathetic but he stereotypes all Right Wing voters as rich snobs. That is by calculations more than 12,000 Voters.

So how on earth this idiot still dupes the docile people of St Brelade to carry on voting for him is a mystery, because in almost 10 years he's done nothing for them and the people he mocks in this stupid Video at least work for Voters.

Finding Me:Mo

As you have just suggested that Sam Mezec shot Major Pierson , you are hardly likely to be taken seriously either. It is also a cheap deceit now that you have been outed as Geoff Southern acting to garner sympathy for Reform Jersey as proven by a number of local blogs.


Wow that was quick. Damage limitation eh Sam?

I would say Reform Jersey are doing a pretty good job of wrecking themselves if crap videos like this is all you can muster and then pay Facebook to promote.

Better still your relationship with Andrew Lewis is causing an earthquake of laughter within the realms of the Com and only 2 months from a report on historic abuse....Tut tut, my friend Sordid is not a very happy bunny. .

Finding Me:Mo

Geoff you are not in the CoM so couldn't know what amuses them. The Sordid and friend of, bit makes no sense I'm afraid , please explain .

Norman Le Brocq

I love it - no matter what people say about Reform Jersey, there can be no-one else that makes themselves look so ridiculous as themselves. They do the work the majority of people would love to do - make them look like fools!

Finding Me:Mo

The whole Zoo today!

Shoot to Thrill

The Video says more about the stupidity of Reform Jersey than anything else remotely political and it's desperate.

You can only sigh with relief that the Likes of Mezec and Tadier are not running any Ministries because even if Tadier ever got anywhere in politics its rubbish like this that haunts you.

Well done losers.

Bob Boner

The video had 169 hits when I looked earlier today.

Squawkie L Pelican

Should have been shorter and sped up x1.1, my attention span is only 3 minutes.


You got much further into it than I did....

Jersey Disruptor

When are Tadier and the rest of Reform going to realise that the way to fight the arrogance of the present incumbents is by developing and communicating reasoned positive alternatives and not by throwing tantrums and insults? This only adds to the farce that is Jersey politics.

Perhaps it is time they understood that the public of Jersey are adults with genuine concerns for the future of this island.

It is no wonder that voter apathy is so apparent in Jersey.

Simple sense

Well Lord Reginald you will never win x factor with such a lame performance. I was expecting something like spitting image and what did we get........... Tadier the greatly forgettable. I suggest that if you want to entertain you and your colleagues try taking different parts and write a wittier script. Please make a better job of it next time. As Guermo Ollivieri used to say "Nil Point"


No need to try and dress up funny - the people of Jersey know what a bunch of comedians already occupy the "Big Ouse"


People should consider standing against these clowns.

I may give it another go as well.

Finding Me:Mo

You cannot be Geoff and Slo-Mo as well as Jon can you Norman?


Oh, please do stand.

That would be such a laugh.

Squawkie L Pelican

Did you see the election?

Here's how it works, Mezec and the odd squad won seats and you... didn't.

Do you honestly think you're setting yourself up for a seat between Ozouf and Big Head Baillache in the canteen? What would you talk about?


Mezec used a smear campaign against people plus had £ Thousands from the Union UNITE.

Such a fair election.

Finding Me:Mo

If today you are suggesting you are ' a resident of St.Saviours' ( not a lot of argument there). That person got 17% of the vote in a three horse race, whereas your obsessive hate got 28% ( 29.5 won) in an eleven horse race.

I am sure you understand ' bigger slice of all the pies'.