Plan for 20 new apartments next to Metropole Hotel development

planning application Hastings Terrace Hastings roadPicture: PETER MOURANT
Developers Dandara hope to demolish and replace several buildings in Hastings Road Picture: PETER MOURANT (17080173)

MORE than 20 new apartments could be built in the east of St Helier under plans submitted by Dandara.

The developers hope to demolish several buildings in Hastings Road to make space for the flats.

If the scheme is approved, the development would adjoin Dandara’s Metropole Hotel project, which is currently being developed and will provide 179 new apartments.

According to a report compiled by MS Planning, Hastings Terrace was originally built as homes before the units were converted to provide extra hotel rooms and staff accommodation, and were substantially altered and extended throughout the 20th century.



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