Bumper festive trading season for local retailers

Constable Crowcroft was less than positive about the controversial Arctic Village. He said he believes in trying new things but warned that the attraction at the Weighbridge would have to change if it were to return next year.

RETAILERS in Jersey are reporting a bumper season of festive trading – and with thousands of shoppers expected in town today for the traditional post-Christmas sales they hope that will only get better.

Black Friday and late-night shopping are said to have contributed to positive pre-Christmas sales for retailers in St Helier, business owners have said.

With many shops due to reopen today, St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft said town had been ‘vibrant and buzzing’ in the run-up to the big day this year.

He also praised the opening of new clothing giant USC, which helped to fill the void left by the closure of BHS in April.

He also hinted at the idea of an open-air Christmas Market returning to the Royal Square in 2017.





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Comments for: "Bumper festive trading season for local retailers"


Congrats to the Jersey Government for the umpteenth time this year in bettering the economy for all of us. The re-election of the COM in 2018 should be a walk in the park.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

I know. I heard the self-congratulatory speeches in the house and also found the comedy in what these deluded and out of touch figures come out with.

I expect as well that the same faces will be readmitted to the ministers' club by their self serving colleagues, provided of course that they retain their states seat. Hopefully their performance will lead to a corresponding lack of votes for them at the ballot box and the removal of their free parking spaces at the airport!


Most shops where on sale before Xmas... does that indicate a healthy economy... also Mr Crowcoft and Daphne East retail town manager to the Parish... were full of complimentary praises about Sports Direct's bosses new shop at BHS ... his presence their... wether it is USC... Flannels or Sports Direct will be a big headache for town....... plus a non paying tax one...do these people have any idea about a healthy vibrant town centre.