Storm Barbara cancels Friday's Condor Liberation sailing between Poole and Channel Islands

Condor Liberation arriving in JerseyPicture: MATTHEW HOTTON
Condor Liberation's schedule has had to be amended

Condor Liberation’s cross-channel service between Poole and the Channel Islands on Friday has been cancelled due to predicted arrival of Storm Barbara.

The storm is expected to create wave heights in excess of legal limits for high speed craft to operate.

Condor say they have been contacting passengers to tell them about the disruption and all have been moved to another service or refunded.

Passenger capacity on the Commodore Clipper has been increased to accommodate disrupted customers, and the Commodore Goodwill rescheduled to ensure all freight customers’ needs are met.

High speed services between St Malo and Jersey, which operate in more sheltered waters, are expected to sail as scheduled.

Alternative schedules for passengers affected by tomorrow’s cancellation are as follows:

23 December:

Poole to Guernsey – transfer to Commodore Clipper – departs Portsmouth at 9 am, arrives at 4 pm.

Poole to Jersey -  transfer to Commodore Clipper – departs Portsmouth at 9 am arrives at 7.20 pm (via Guernsey).




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Comments for: "Storm Barbara cancels Friday's Condor Liberation sailing between Poole and Channel Islands "


The predicted storm is up by Iceland and the north of Scotland ... the associated winds in the channel will be strong but not gale force., which just reinforces how unsuitable this trap is for serving the northern route. Time perhaps that some local boatowners got together and run a Dunkirk type service seeing that the Liability cannot sail in anything but calm seas and Condor can's be asssed to provide a better service.