Chocolatier counts cost of Brexit on ingredients

Darren Stower, chocolatier at La Mare Wine Estate Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (16797195)

FIRST it was Marmite then it was wine and now Jersey chocolate is the latest victim of Brexit price increases.

A combination of the weak pound and an increase in the price of a number of commodities has led to a rise in the price of the sweet treat.

One chocolate producer in St Mary, which makes about ten tonnes of chocolate every year, said that the price of their ingredients was due to increase in the new year and that they would be buying as much chocolate as they could afford in the meantime.

Darren Stower, chocolatier at La Mare Wine Estate, said that the business had already experienced an unexpected increase in costs immediately after the UK voted to leave the European Union.


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Comments for: "Chocolatier counts cost of Brexit on ingredients"


It is severely overpriced already. Much of this places goods are over very priced in comparison to others. This is just another ploy to inflate their prices even more for Christmas. Also, come New Year, one needs to remember that when a business advertises a sale its usually selling all the stock it has not sold through the year and although the goods may be ten percent cheaper, the company is still making big profit and not selling goods cheap as they claim. The sale will be cost price plus twenty percent instead of fifty percent profit. I am not as gullible as others to think I am getting a bargain ever, let alone believe inflated costs are due to Brexit. Jersey has little to do with Brexit and until it happens in two years, it is not an excuse for businesses to scam us even more.


For much of 2014 the Euro stood at €1.15 to £1. What's it today €1.18 to £1 ? Between then and now it has been as high as €1.43 to the £1. What-ever currency is the strongest you direct your sales to that those countries dealing in the said currency. There is no language barrier in eating a chocolate so when having the choice of two markets you have an advantage not a disadvantage.


It's all a con. Just don't buy the stuff.


Much cheaper, more convenient and better choice on Amazon.