Help Condor improve its fleet, says JHA president

Barclays International Boat Show. Condor Liberation. 5Picture: JON GUEGAN
Condor Liberation, which is due to be replaced in 2035.

THE States should consider extending Condor’s operating agreement if the move would allow the company to improve its fleet, the president of the Jersey Hospitality Association has said.

In its recently released comprehensive service review, Condor said it could upgrade its fleet if it were given either a longer operating licence or a subsidy from the governments of Jersey and Guernsey. The upgrade could include buying a new combined passenger and freight conventional ferry, according to the review.

Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham ruled out a subsidy but said that the report presented an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the agreement Condor had with the States in a way which ‘suits all parties better’.

Now JHA president Ian Barnes has called on the government to make sure the Island does not ‘lose a vital service’ and help Condor make improvements to its fleet.

He said that around 30 per cent of tourists visited via the Island’s sea links and that making sure the company had suitable back-up in the event of poor weather or technical faults was important.



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Comments for: "Help Condor improve its fleet, says JHA president"

jersey man

They [Condor] have messed things up so much, never on time, always something wrong...Time to bring in another company for some competition, and better [cheap prices] deals. So we can get the tourists back on the island...!!


"Now JHA president Ian Barnes has called on the government to make sure the Island does not lose a vital service and help Condor" after having recently awoken from a long sleep - if this is the best JHA have to offer, will someone turn out the lights again !!!

karaoke joe

The ship they have now was supposed to improve the fleet. The Liberation whoever agreed to buy this ship should have resigned Condor and the people of the Islands were ( Fleetced ) on this. So now the president of JHA wants public money to again bail out a private company. Not until we see the salaries, plus management contracts. Are they willing to do this ?


Funny how Condor build its ships in Tasmania which appear to arrive on time and on budget but when they get here nothing works. Could it be the mechanics are 12,000 miles away????? just a thought


The ships that DID work - and were sold were built in Tasmania however, the Liberation was built in Perth by a company owned by Macquarie Bank - the owners of Condor - hence the purchase.

Simple sense

Would anyone mind explaining why they think that a company run by directors who after "considered and expert thought" decided that Condor Liberation would be the most suitable ferry design for the Jersey Poole route for the next 20 years, should be allowed to make any similar decisions about appropriate ferries again, when they won't admit the Liberation is so patently unsuitable. Unless we see appropriate change at the board level of Condor we should not be extending their licence. I assume the SOJ committee have already contacted the director of Condor who resigned at the time the Liberation contact was signed. Maybe he has something to say about the choice and any arm twisting that occurred.


Tow the Liberation (as I doubt that it can get there under its own power), out to Herd Deep and offer it to the Royal Navy for target practice.