Jersey’s largest high-rise estate to get a £5 million overhaul

The high-rise flats at Le Marais in St Clement will undergo a £5 million refurbishment programme

ANDIUM Homes has announced a £5 million refurbishment plan for Jersey’s biggest high-rise estate.

The aim is to bring the Le Marais flats, which were built in 1972, in line with Decent Homes Standard guidelines.

However, the plan has already sparked controversy as hundreds of Islanders living in the social-rented housing are facing weeks of disruption and have been told to consider moving in with friends while work is carried out.

Tenants have been told that they will need to move out of their properties for at least six to eight weeks while workers remove asbestos and install new electrics, kitchens and bathrooms for the two-bedroom homes.



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Comments for: "Jersey’s largest high-rise estate to get a £5 million overhaul"

karaoke joe

Prepare for massive increases in rent then


Let's be honest, they are the most depressing buildings in Jersey. Standing outside them sends shivers down your spine - they look like the drug ghettos of major UK cities


You're not too far wrong, Jean; try holding your breath as you take the lift to the top.

Most of these residents are living off the State, or are in very cheap accommodation with free parking and childrens' playground, facilities that a lot of home owners don't have.

And yet when it comes to spending £5 million to improve these places, the tenants start moaning.

karaoke joe

Can I ask how you know? ( Most of the residents live off the state ) . The area houses many from all walks of life, who live in these blocks.


If you think it's so great, why don't you move into one?


Sounds like a missed opportunity to knock down these eyesores that blight the east side of the Island and replace them with something more fitting for Jersey.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

No need to worry, two million of that can be offset when Ozouf pays back the taxpayers' money that he gave to failed private business.

Realist Human

Look out tenants your rents are about to double.

Realist Human

I would tell Andium homes to get stuffed I'm not going anywhere!