St Martin looks to build shared-equity homes

St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer said: ‘This project has been going on for 16 years and I am very disappointed for those on the waiting list as some of them have been hanging on for a long time thinking that they had a chance of getting one of the places.'

PLANS for 20 affordable homes have been put forward by the St Martin Housing Association.

The group, who have been working on the scheme for a number of years, hope to build a complex of three-bedroom homes in a green-zone field in Grande Route de Faldouet, east of St Martin’s Church.

The land was earmarked for affordable housing in 2014 when revisions were made to the Island Plan – the document that sets planning policy in Jersey.

St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer said: ‘All the way through we’ve said that this was going to be a shared-equity scheme, so that the housing association would retain some of the value of the units.'



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Comments for: "St Martin looks to build shared-equity homes"

Stop +think!

Beautiful field!

Jersey has two choices:

1) bow to the demands of finance for increased population growth for its continued growth. Result of which is a continuation of development in our beautiful previously green field designated areas.

2) limit growth of island by inward migration and maintain existing size of finance sector. Result maintain some of the remaining beautiful rural areas that make Jersey so precious.

The comments made that we need new young workers from outside the island to support the old and their pensions etc may be well founded but where does it stop? These young workers will in time become old to. Result more people needed to be brought in to support them? Our land is finite and the quality of our life will be severely impacted by increased development in housing and the resultant strain placed on our roads and infrastructure. We aren't or never will be a Hong Kong or Singapore lets face that. We are a small island with a successful finance sector nothing more in terms of the world stage. Let's manage growth and nurture the finance industry we already have thus maintaining the reasons why we all still live here!