Gas Place land ‘should be used to extend Town Park’

The Millennium Town Park and, at the top of the picture, the land at Gas Place

LAND at Gas Place earmarked for housing should be bought by the States to extend the Millennium Town Park in compensation for the large number of homes being built in and around St Helier, the parish’s Constable says.

Simon Crowcroft has confirmed that he is preparing to lodge a proposition asking the States to negotiate a price – likely to be in the millions – for the Tunnell Street site, which currently houses Jersey Gas’s disused gasometer, staff accommodation and other units.

The plot of land, which was at the heart of a planning dispute earlier this year in which neighbours successfully overturned plans to build 285 homes there, has again provoked controversy. This week, Brookfield Asset Management’s reduced proposals – to build 253 homes at the site – were published, leading to fresh criticism from residents of Tunnell Street, who say that the development would still lead to a loss of light and privacy for them.

Now Mr Crowcroft says he will renew his efforts to persuade his political colleagues to buy the land when the latest set of plans have been through the planning process.




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Comments for: "Gas Place land ‘should be used to extend Town Park’"

Squawkie L Pelican

Buy it with all that new rates money Crowcroft.

The working poor don't deserve to live in accommodation with more than one anyway.


If you build any more houses in the area it will end up like Calais refuge camp.

Mickey Mouth

Where will the people needing housing live? Surely better to utilise a brown field space like this.


I agree. Building in town makes sense. Less commuter traffic and it keeps the town alive. We can't just keep building on green fields.

Shoot to Thrill

Where are the States Deputies for this district when you need them, Mezec and Southern isn't it? Probably too busy cutting their toe nails.

good evans

I think a compromise should be reached, extend the park and make the housing development smaller. A bigger park would be nice for the residents of St Helier to enjoy as many of them do not have parking and cannot easily get out of town to enjoy the beaches and other open spaces.