Politicians reject plan to review Island tax system

Outlining her proposals, Senator Ferguson said that the new charges minsters were planning were ‘stealth taxes’ and called for a more simplified tax system in Jersey.

POLITICIANS rejected a major review of Jersey’s tax system on the first day of a debate into States spending which got under way yesterday.

A series of amendments to the Medium Term Financial Plan Addition – the Island’s spending plans for the next three years – were scrutinised in the States Assembly, with debates expected to continue until Thursday.

The MTFP Addition could have faced serious disruption if Senator Sarah Ferguson’s amendment for £30,000 to be allocated to investigate the impact of proposed new health and waste charges as well as the zero-ten corporate tax regime had been passed.

However, the move, which would have seen the introduction of the controversial new charges delayed until the review’s findings were announced, was soundly defeated by 30 votes to 18.

MTFP Addition – full coverage: Pages 8 and 9 in Wednesday's JEP.





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Comments for: "Politicians reject plan to review Island tax system"


If this doesn't make people think about how our current COM all vote like sheep


I hope everyone makes notes of who voted against this proposition and make sure they don't vote for them come the next election. Rejecting this amendment is refusing to even consider that our tax system could be improved. Arrogance without equal. But it was ever thus going to be ... the ministerial dictatorship has no intention whatsoever of doing the best for Jersey. They want only to support their mates and pat themselves on the back for destroying Jersey's economy. It like a captain of a ship being warned there are rocks ahead and saying 'I see no rocks' whilst looking the other way. Nelson / telescope etc. I don't believe the goons in the states understand how close they are getting to causing civil unrest.


And you can tell as usual whose side the JEP is on. 'Soundly defeated' they declare. Defeated by 7 votes actually.


Or perhaps the elected members agreed the idea a full review of the tax system would cost £30k was ludicrous and avoiding making any tax decisions before the review was compete was also untenable.

Wilson Riou




Nothing wrong with our tax system, if it ain't broken it don't need mending.


And yet it clearly is broken.

Only an idiot would claim there is nothing wrong when the states are bringing in new taxes all the time to cover their inability to control spending.

Even Ozouf admits its broken, and you think he is one of the "intelligent" ones!



I doubt if you believe that yourself, because you are a troll. Even if you did believe it, who are you speaking for? It's certainly not most of the posters here. I cannot understand why you would support such a regressive tax regime. People are increasingly having less money to spend in the economy as your beloved States ministers fritter our money on frivolities and self-aggrandisement.

Island Strife

Rotten to the core.

The refusal to even consider the review proves beyond all doubt that the 30 that rejected this have no interest in the welfare of the people of this island that they are paid handsomely to represent.

I hope we ALL remember the names of those responsible for this come the next election.


Simple sense

Even the dumbest people knew that when Zero 10 was introduced the domicile costs for an offshore client to have a Jersey company reduced from £750 per year to £300 for the tens of thousands of companies registered here. We did away with £600 exempt company tax and substituted a far lower figure. Why? There was no basis to do this. We also deducted 20% withholding tax on directors fees paid to non resident directors, who if resident in the UK could claim this as tax paid under the double taxation treaty. Now they are paid gross with no deduction. Why? We don't tax foreign owned companies a bit like Ireland with Apple but the EU has ruled that this is state aid by the back door, in our case it is tax depletion. Why?

There is only one answer it seems, and that is the architect of this mess who could not even see the problem caused that the current economic minister is having to tackle as best he can. Sarah Ferguson is quite right but although we can correct a few obvious errors easily some of the major ones risk rocking the boat on international tax at a time when Britain is preparing for Brexit. My guess is that the level of competence in negotiating Zero 10 lay not with Jersey but with others as they realised it would bankrupt the island in a decade or so which is what they wanted. Drinks all round for them it seems.


I don't disagree it would be productive to review the tax structure of the Island, however this is a complex problem and the costs of getting it wrong are very high.

Setting a £30k budget to do this and refusing to discuss budgetary measures until it is complete (as proposed by Sarah Ferguson) is ridiculous and counter productive.

In my opinion her intention was to stall tax rises for her supporters (who are mostly the older generation who would rather eat into reserves than balance the books as they will not be around to suffer the consequences).

Wilson Riou

I hope Senator Ferguson didn't have the ulterior motive that you've suggested. Although the voting results suggest she may have made a mistake to link the review of 0/10 to stalling the MTFP.

She's been a critic of 0/10 for a long time and she'd be better to bring a separate proposition to the house with some researched alternative since it's such an important subject.