Recycling rates remain static for seven years

Steve Luce, Planning and Environment Minister. Picture: JON GUEGAN
Environment Minister Steve Luce said: ‘We need to fundamentally re-examine and prepare for the impact of global mega-trends on our local environment.'

RECYCLING rates have remained static for seven years, the States have failed to reduce traffic congestion and wildlife is under threat from farming and climate change, a damning report released today has revealed.

The failure of half the Island’s parishes to introduce separated waste streams to household refuse collections is a major reason why Jersey’s recycling rates have remained stuck at 32 per cent since 2009.

Environment Minister Steve Luce, whose department put the report together, said he was concerned that the findings were not more positive.

Read the key findings from the Environment in Figures report, which looked at the period between 2011 and 2015, in Tuesday's JEP.





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Comments for: "Recycling rates remain static for seven years"

William Joyce

Loving the Daily Mail sad face ( 8 / 10 ).

Even funnier that he is resting his hands on the lightning conductor considering the storm we had today. Might have been the jolt he needed to do a proper job!

karaoke joe

The government has lain dormant for longer. I love the so called ministers who state what everyone else knows. The chamber live in another universe. You should be ashamed of what your policies are doing to the people of Jersey.


That pic just shows how lost ministers are now....things aint going to change Luce !

Sotte Voce

The public, when thinking about the states, certainly has a beef. Curtains to the lot of them come the next election.


Recycling? you mean all the islands rubbish that can be reused to make money for T.T.S ! We get charged to dump green waste only for them to produce so called compost and sell it back to us! We should charge them for the use of our rubbish. Bellozanne did have their own waste sorting plant once, but cut backs removed that idea. And it's no good asking us to buy electric cars, because once that has been achieved up goes the electricity costs. Rant over !!


Loopy Luce speaks again. This man is a serious contender for village idiot. The reason theres so much traffic is because the COM have allowed immigration to run unfettered for a decade or more. More people = more cars but sadly our loopy minister can't figure that out. As for recycling .. they already have to burn diesel in the incinerator to keep the temperature up. If you remove any more all thats left is soggy kitchen waste. We bought the wrong type of waste plant. Thanks Ozouf and De Faye.

Younger Jerseyman

All your statements about the incinerator are completely untrue.

Educate yourself before spouting off a load of rubbish on something you know nothing about.


Well your comment about increased population is certainly true. With the population rising about 1% a year it is hardly surprising the statistics are what they are. In fact it is a miracle the figures aren't running backwards.

What was obvious from the outset was that all these policies to reduce car use, environmental footprint, etc., etc. we're absolute cobblers given the Council of Ministers policy of 'growing the population!'. About as clever as announcing a diet to lose weight whilst simultaneously announcing a policy to consume more doughnuts! Bonkers, completely bonkers. And they think we don't notice!


These problems are not going to be solved whilst we've got what are (in)effectively 12 separate administrations picking and choosing which of the laws and policies they want to implement and how. We need a centralised waste disposal scheme, centralised traffic and parking control etc. etc. etc. There might even be a case for a centralised honorary police system, though I'd not advocate the disbanding of that institution in the short term.

There's far too much "We must do this" and "We must do that" that everyone agrees with but no-one does anything about.


hahaha you naughty boy!

I'm amazed your comment got through the moderator. I'm glad it did though.....most amusing

Donkey girl

Having moved to Jersey from Guernsey, where I lived for 14 years, and have been able to recycle properly and where kerbside recycling has been in place for a number of years, I am absolutely appalled to go backwards and put plastic packaging in general bin at home and at work! Apparently it's too expensive to recycle like the rest of the U.K. and Europe. This is unacceptable way of thinking and it's simply sweeping the issue of recycling under the carpet. The parish rates are a lot higher over here than in Guernsey, the government collects GST and revenue from paid parking and claim not to be able to offer this island the facilities to get in line with 21st century and recycle as we should be doing? My suggestion is, speak to the environmental department in Guernsey, because somehow with less revenue than the Jersey government, they have successfully managed to support both kerbside recycling and recycle virtually everything that can be recycled.

Sotte Voce

Jersey is not in the uk, so the "rest of the uk" part of the commentary is erroneous.

Squawkie L Pelican

I've got a load of useless politicians in the garage that need recycling. We've got far too many and there aren't many that aren't obsolete or just getting a bit old and smelly from under use. Glencoe won't even take em. They might be good for compost.

Donkey girl

@Sotte Voce, the comment about the UK was drawing a mere comparison in terms of recycling and I did not suggest that Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man (whilst at it) are part of the U.K. I am fully aware that they are crown dependencies, but thank you for letting me know.


Donkey girl

@Sotte Voce, the comment about the UK was drawing a mere comparison in terms of recycling and I did not suggest that Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man (whilst at it) are part of the U.K. I am fully aware that they are crown dependencies, but thank you for letting me know.

Sotte Voce

Well, that much wasn't clear from your message, where you referred to, "the rest of the UK".

Whether you knew the distinction or not, your message did convey that you were not informed. You say that you knew, but you then go on to express thanks for having been corrected, which is another self contradiction.