Proposal to replace disused Gorey church with homes

Gorey Village Roman Catholic church images plansImage: AXIS MASON
Under the scheme two homes would be built on the site in Gorey Village Picture: AXIS MASON

PHILANTHROPIST Sir David Kirch has submitted plans to replace a disused Roman Catholic church in Gorey Village with two homes – but residents say they will continue to campaign for the building to become a community centre.

Under the proposals the businessman wants to demolish Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church in order to build two two-bedroom homes for retired Islanders.

It is the third set of plans for the site to be submitted in the last two years. In 2014 the Catholic Church twice attempted to secure planning permission to build homes on the land, but both schemes were rejected.

Sir David’s plans have attracted the attention of Gorey Village resident Fraser Martin, who previously campaigned for the church to be turned into a community centre.





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For further information about the planning application, the history of the chapel and the potential of the site as a community hub, please visit

Mickey Mouth

If these are the houses then they look like substantial buildings to only have 2 bedrooms.