Le Squez redevelopment is given the green light

Under the plans the existing homes will be demolished and replaced by 151 properties Picture: MORRIS ARCHITECTS

MAJOR plans to redevelop part of Le Squez housing estate were given the go-ahead yesterday – despite neighbours repeating their concerns that the area would be too densely populated and one of the buildings would be too high.

The Planning Committee voted unanimously in favour of Andium Homes’ plans, which the States-owned organisation had resubmitted following a successful appeal by residents.

Under the revised plans the existing homes at the site will be demolished and replaced by 151 units and 261 parking spaces.

The approval comes months after neighbours in Sarina Road successfully appealed against an earlier scheme submitted by Andium.




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Comments for: "Le Squez redevelopment is given the green light"

No Axe to Grind

Neighbours always object. I'm all right Jack. Quite disgraceful. People need somewhere to live and neighbours do not own the Island, only their small patch.

Great scheme

Squawkie L Pelican

True. In fact, many of the NIMBYs that are screeching loudest, themselves live in homes that were objected to by other NIMBYs... and the statistics say half of them are immigrants and therefore contributing to the perceived overcrowding problem they are protesting.


Corruption in Jersey works so smoothly. Borrow hundreds of millions of £'s and give it to a private company. Give them Jersey's housing stock. Grant them whatever they ask for, no matter how detrimental it is to quality of life or the environment. Our politicians are corrupted by greed as well as being totally inept. God save us from this evil.


Wait a minute, this is money lent to a company 100% owned by the States to build social housing. This is a good news story, they can now get on with the construction of the much needed housing!

Also where is the corruption? There was a planning objection, it was upheld, Andium amended their plans, it was reviewed and permission was granted. This is exactly how it should work, furthermore it was all public!?

"no matter how detrimental it is to quality of life" me thinks you already own a home. The prices in Jersey are so high because we aren't building enough homes, this will help young people get onto the property ladder, have a heart!

Squawkie L Pelican

Read all of Unhappys comments in the voice of Smiler from last of the summer wine. "God save us from this evil..."


Why do these computer generated images always look so idyllic?

As to the images of humans, do you ever see a slovenly porker waddling along?


Any one remember Nicholson Park & Elysee Estate? If you do you’ll remember the reason they were demolished, they were knocked down as they were classed as antisocial housing, blocks of flats where people lived on top of each other. They were replaced with houses and a few apartments to deal with the issues at hand at the time of and to rid the islands antisocial housing issues.

Yet, the states go back on everything they say and are building once again what? MORE FLATS and thus we are back to the era of Nicholson Park & Elysee Estate be it an updated look but the same issues will occur by creating another load of antisocial flats where many families are crammed into small spaces on top of each other.

We all know there is a shortage of land in Jersey, but houses are needed for residentially qualified families not two and three bedroomed flats not only for social renting but affordable homes for those looking to purchase.

We are also told the island is crying out for one bedroomed accommodation and that there is a huge shortage of this type of accommodation, why isn’t this been looked at? An FOI question might be worth a shout, what is the waiting list for one bedroomed homes and out of that list how many are waiting in 2 to 3 bedroomed homes waiting to downsize and how many homes will be freed up on the housing wait list to accommodate those needing extra bedrooms?

But hey, its the Jersey way, the COM will do as they want and ignore what they have previously said!!