Armed French marshals on Condor ferries not ruled out

Ferry security
Brittany Ferries

CONDOR Ferries has not ruled out the possibility of French armed police carrying out patrols on their vessels as the country ramps up its anti-terror measures in the wake of recent attacks.

A Brittany Ferries vessel was boarded earlier this month by specially-trained officers who dropped in from a helicopter as the boat approached France during a trip from Portsmouth.

Current agreements mean French officers can only board passenger vessels in their territory.

France’s marine patrol said the French and UK governments were in negotiations about patrolling full crossings while the UK’s Home Office said security plans were under ‘constant review’. The approach is part of increased security measures following the recent terror attacks on the continent.



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Comments for: "Armed French marshals on Condor ferries not ruled out"


At last a reliable ferry operator. Can you bring the boat to Jersey, please?