Security alert causes Condor delays

Condor Liberation

A SECURITY alert at the port in Poole caused the Condor Liberation to leave one hour 15 minutes late on Monday morning.

The ferry company say the scare was a ‘hoax’ and apologised to passengers for the inconvenience. The morning service to Guernsey has been cancelled.

In a short statement the firm said: ‘Today’s Condor Liberation sailing has been disrupted due to an earlier security alert. The departure from Poole was delayed whilst Dorset police conducted searches.

'The alert was found to be a hoax. Naturally we are extremely disappointed that the irresponsible actions of an individual have inconvenienced our customers and diverted police resources in this way.’




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Comments for: "Security alert causes Condor delays"


Lol ! Good excuse Condor but we all know you don't need hoax to be unreliable !

Sotte Voce

We all know that Condor doesn't need excuses full stop.

Non existent regulation allows the tail to wag the dog.