Condor ‘should change timetable’ to make journeys of visitors easier, says tourism head

Condor Liberation's sailings for Friday have been cancelled

CONDOR should consider changing its fast-ferry timetable to make life easier for holidaymakers visiting the Island, according to the chief executive of Visit Jersey.

Today, in the first of a four-part series of JEP articles, Keith Beecham has offered his thoughts on the timings of the operator’s crossings and also claimed that there has been a 42 per cent drop in the number of passengers travelling to Jersey by ferry in the last 13 years.

Referring to Condor’s timetable for the Liberation, Mr Beecham said that there was ‘room for improvement’. Currently the Liberation leaves Poole early in the morning, while return sailings dock at Poole in the evening.

Mr Beecham said he would like Condor to berth the Liberation in the Channel Islands overnight so outward sailings left Poole in the afternoon and return sailings arrived in Poole at about midday, to benefit holidaymakers – especially families.

Read the first part of the series in Monday's JEP.




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Comments for: "Condor ‘should change timetable’ to make journeys of visitors easier, says tourism head"


I have to say I don't agree with the idea of arriving in Jersey in the evening and leaving early morning that is 2 days of a holiday wasted I personally would much prefer to arrive early morning and leave later in the evening, perhaps the chief executive of Visit Jersey would like to try driving 100+ miles through the rush hour in England to catch the ferry and indeed when driving home, I doubt he would want to do it a second time. My son with a toddler had a holiday in Jersey 2 years ago and arrived in Jersey before Lunch and arrived back in England late evening and found the timing very convenient, furthermore that's 2 days less money spent on the island by tourists.

Younger Jerseyman

"also claimed that there has been a 42 per cent drop in the number of passengers travelling to Jersey by ferry in the last 13 years"

Hmmmm, perhaps that is more to do with the costs of flights coming right down. Also doesn't help that the ferries keep getting more expensive, especially this year.

Devil's Advocate

How about 'Jersey should dredge their harbour mouth so Condor can bring their ships in and out at any time'? The tidal restrictions on the harbour are a massive problem for Condor's scheduling.

Tourism Guru

Because dredging is so cheap and easy to do. Honest. We could probably get the sea lettuce machine to do it as well. Just add a bucket or two. Still staggered that this man has no idea about tides.

Jersey girl 1983

Maybe Mr Visit Jersey who isn't even from Jersey should keep his opinions to himself, Condir should run for the good of the locals first before you start harping on about tourists

Jean P

Oh dear. Is Keith now King Canute and thinks he can change the tides!!??


As someone who actually works on the ferries, I can say that this suggestion is probably possible for some of the year, but not all of it. Some of the so-called expert commenters above forget that tides fluctuate throughout the year!!! Agree that dredging would help loads though, as would building a proper deep-water harbour!!!!

Henry Amy

As a potential visitor to England next year, I would very much prefer a fast ferry service back to Jersey in the afternoon

Ideally there would be a night boat, with cabins, in both directions, ie purchase a second " Clipper" and use two boats on the Weymouth route.