Condor appointment to improve its service

Condor’s new customer service experience director, Keth Gait

CONDOR Ferries has created a new management position to improve the company’s customer service.

Keith Gait, who previously worked as chief operating officer of NHS Direct, has been appointed as Condor’s customer service experience director.

In the new role, Mr Gait will be responsible for implementing improvements to Condor’s customer service and enhancing the customer experience, from booking through to check-in and onboard travel.

Mr Gait, who has spent more than 25 years working in the customer service sector, has held positions with a number of major companies, including supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and mobile phone giant O2.




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Comments for: "Condor appointment to improve its service"


Welcome and good luck.


Action point #1. Get a new boat.

Tony B

NHS Direct? Not the best recommendation considering the system has never worked properly and is subject to severe critisism at the moment. What is a Customer service Experience Director anyway?

A few weeks experiencing what it is like to be a Condor Customer, he'd be flat broke, and stuck a long way from where he wanted be , or feeding the fishes whilst he watches his car rust before his eyes.

Tony B

My mistake! NHS Direct no longer exists: It was announced in October 2013 that NHS Direct would be closed down in 2014. after the organisation became entangled in and failed to deliver correctly a number of contracts to deliver NHS 111.

So he should feel right at home in Condor.


He he he he he - yer gorra larf aint yer !!!


How much more arrogant can Condor get? It's not spin thats required, but a boat thats fit for purpose. No appointments or BS from that Collins woman will change that. All Condor have to do is ask the customers and the crew of that rubbish boat.