Single ferry on UK route was ‘a definite mistake’

Portelet Bay. Senator Lyndon Farnham   Picture: ROB CURRIE
Senator Lyndon Farnham

CONDOR made a ‘definite mistake’ running a single fast ferry on the lifeline UK route, but the company is now moving ‘heaven and earth’ to sort the mess out, says the Economic Development Minister.

Senator Lyndon Farnham believes the operator now acknowledges its mistakes and insists its new senior management team has a new sense of purpose.

His comments come after Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Guernsey’s Economic Development president, described the decision by his predecessors to sign the agreement as ‘naive and somewhat innocent’.

Senator Farnham, who says the cancellation of the Liberation earlier this week is ‘inexcusable’, added that if problems were ‘not fully resolved’ the Island would have no other option but to look for an alternative operator.




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Comments for: "Single ferry on UK route was ‘a definite mistake’"


At last, this has been obvious since Condor proposed the change well over a year ago.

There is only one solution, or maybe two, another fast ferry, or two more ferries and drop the Liberation.

Also re-establish the route to Weymouth, to give more choice to Islanders and visitors.

Let's hope Condor will see sense at last, if not the States of both Jersey and Guernsey must act before any more damage is done to the economy.

Fed up Ferry user

Well the penny has finally dropped, Probably too late to restore the Islands reputation in a lot of visitors eyes,

Farnham has been fence sitting for the last two years, He wouldn't listen to the people who were emailing him about this and he obviously doesn't bother looking at trip advisor,

The man suddenly realised it election time in two years and thinks I better do something about it, The bloke is typical of the breed of politicians we have in the States,Totally spineless!

Tony B

The penny may have dropped, question is, will it's impact lead to any improvement?

good evans

One ferry is not enough if we are aiming to attract an increased tourist maker. In the event of problems we need to have some sort of back up in place.


Why wait, find an alternate provider to provide competition, only then will Condor realise that customer service is vital and treat the customer properly. Their performance this year has been abysmal and their customer service extremely poor. On a recent trip I heard so many customers complaining!!


No option but to find a new operator..... I don't see a big queue of potential applicants - they have the island over a barrel just accept it states - you have sat on your hands far to long


Is there no end to the fatuous cr ap this fellow belches out? His predecessor Maclean was told many times that replacing two boats with one was a recipe for disaster, but he wouldn't listen. Never mind, its only taken Farnham a couple of years to figure it out .. about right for his mental capacity.. As for 'moving heaven and earth' please dont insult us, minister. The only remedy is for Condor to get rid of the Liability and replace it with a conventional ferry ... which they have no intention of doing. In fact, they couldn't, as noone would buy the trap so the only answer is to throw Condor off the route. Which isn't going to happen either, as the windbag Farnham is an apologist for them to the extent one has to wonder if he is a director of Condor.


There is a conventional ferry, the Clipper, I have been on it a couple of times this year, won't risk the liability. Not everyone has the time or inclination for a 10/12 hour journey. It has been pretty reliable when I have travelled on it.

I imagine that even with our vastly increased population there are not enough customers for Condor to justify spending many tens of millions on a better fast ferry. This is the price you pay for living on a small island

Tony B

Condor argument= There is not enough traffic to warrant two high speed ferries. Of course not you ******* have killed the trade.

The Moaning Old Bugger


Island Strife

What a shysters he is.

Remember his lack of action come the elections.

Let him focus on the royal yacht and get him out.

Mr Sensible

Apart from dithering Farnham, one only has to look at the past management of condor ferries in the last 5 years, they have all done runners because they all knew the company was run so badly. Let's all hope the new boss gets on top of it all and they start to provide a service we want to use. I also wish they would be honest in their advertising, they claim you can get to France for 49 pounds with a car, well yes you can but you have to wait until the middle of October for that price, and return in December for the same price, this is for only one day .


States members have been saying this with monotonous regularity for years.There is some other agenda in operation here. An agenda which allows Condor to operate a third class service, with unsuitable ships and now the single day "service" of the £50 million Flagship Liberation, which should be consigned to the breakers yard this afternoon.

"Senator Farnham, who says the cancellation of the Liberation earlier this week is ‘inexcusable’, added that if problems were ‘not fully resolved’ the Island would have no other option but to look for an alternative operator."

Wake up Farnham and the rest of colleagues in the States. No more words. No more rhetoric and empty threats. The time is overdue to sack Condor and install a new operator.

Sotte Voce

Sadly, there is always a hidden agenda of some sort with this government.

Procession by stealth is how it might accurately be described.

The series of events which have befallen our ferry service strongly suggests a covert deal with the operator, probably both at the time of contract and at various stages afterwards.

Certainly, there is no evidence of any effective regulation having ever taken place.

local lives matter

Try not being so hard on Farnham, for he is a quite nice chap.

Actually, i doubt that Jersey Tourism has anything to fear. Remember that Jersey has some exclusive and truly world class attractions, that are simply too good to ignore. We have German ruins, electric powered steam clocks, town markets, and flower festivals that locals consider matching of the Rio carnaval.

And of course the grockles can delight talking to locals about when Jersey was once a quaint little Island. They can reminisce when booze and fags were cheap, and people actually had fun. They can talk about out wonderful news presenters who seems so perfectly matched, or even our very green beaches.

Tony B

Got a postcard of the Weighbridge, you know? That place that is now Liberation Square. Dated 1905. Spending a week at Jersey this year (Now Spent a week trying to get to Jersey) Think it a wonderful place (!) Been to St Aubin's Bay.Never seen sea such a wonderful colour of blue (Now , never seen a beach so green) Temps Passe.

Realist Human

Well we would have never of guessed ?


I have been following these reports for some time now and have one or two observations.

Firstly I totally agree that the level of service from Condor has not been as good as it should of been the main gripe being that when there is a problem trying to get information from them has been atrocious.

Secondly the reliability of not only Liberation but the rest of the fleet leaves a lot to be desired.

It is a fact that Condor do not set out to fail and any Company would not enjoy the negative publicity they are getting at the moment and I believe they are doing everything they can to try to rectify the problems. Maybe they should look at trying to rid themselves of Liberation and invest in a second faster conventional ferry if there is one on the market which will be suitable for our ports.

I do not work for Condor and I have absolutely no link with them at all, however I do think that without them we would be in a much worse state than we are now as I believe there is not another competitor out there who either wants to invest in the Island routes or has the necessary vessels to be able to work in our ports. There were one or two operators who looked at the CI routes some years ago but they thought it was too small for them with not enough volume of traffic to warrant the huge investment in vessels suitable for our Islands.

Unfortunately our hands are tied and we must continue with Condor as they are the only operator willing to look after us. If their holding Company (Maquarie) decided to pull the plug then we would be in trouble as we would lose all routes North and South as well as freight of which 98% comes by sea.

Give our politicians a break their hands are tied on this.

I have travelled twice this year with Condor and I have to say have not really had a problem apart from a slight delay on the St Malo - Jersey route which I already new about.

Lets try and talk the Island up and try and stay away from too much negativity by people who enjoy the sounds of their own voices.