Condor has improved, says minister

The Liberation is now running on full power

CONDOR’S service has improved but there is still a long way to go, the Economic Development Minister has said.

The comment from Senator Lyndon Farnham comes on the same day that he is due to meet with representatives from Flybe and Blue Islands to discuss continuing disruption to inter-island services.

He is meeting the companies today to discuss the problems and any possible help the government can offer in the same way that he has done with Condor in the past.

And he praised the ferry company for the improvements it has made in recent months, despite its two fast ferries encountering technical issues over the weekend, forcing both vessels to operate at a reduced speed. However, he warned that there was still a long way to go.




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Comments for: "Condor has improved, says minister"


So he 'praises the ferry'. Just another confirmation that he works on behalf of Condor, not the public. Maybe he is a director of the company? Or is it the brown envelope syndrome. Either way, he just doesn't get it. The Liability is unfit for the route .. maybe any route .. and until it goes the public of Jersey are being let down by Farnham and his puppeteers.


Maybe he needs to take a look at the Facebook page , Condor Liberation and Condor Ferries - Good and Bad , to get a true reflection on travelling with Condor. The stories here over just the last two weeks must make difficult reading for Lyndon Farnham as well as Paul Luxon and Condor.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

It must be either the brown envelope syndrome or the brown tongue syndrome.


Really, what alternate reality is this minister living in as the rest of users disagree with you minister

karaoke joe

So the minister says service has improved lol. I believe you minister I wonder how many do not.


same old same old in one out the other

Tony B

First question: How much worse could they get? Stupid question really , give it the next couple of months as Autumn is coming, so wait for the Unexpected Weather. No doubt the 'Suitable for use in the English Channel ' line will be trotted out again. Note to Condor, look at the bl**dy chart! Jersey and Guernersey aren't in the Channel. Though no doubt the Condor Excuse Department are hatching a cunning story about nefarious persons towing the Island's away before they were looking.

Fed up Ferry user

This man really does live in cloud cuckoo land, We have just had a week of engine problems on both routes , The ferries never leave on time and the booking service is woeful .

Does this man never check the Harbours arrivals and departures website! As you say he must be getting handsomely paid for his PR work on behalf of Condor !

Island Strife

What complete tosh.

Farnham couldn't manage a pss up in a hotel bar - oh wait...

Maybe if it was in the Yacht.

He is a joke and has no impact or place in the States.

Does he really believe the public are that stupid.


Steward on Rapide recently sacked after accident that left him unconcious and with facial injuries. He then found out that he canot go to tribunals in Guernsry, UK or France due to the way Condor operates.

Crew complained in writing to new CEO but this company is a law unto itself.


Is he on something??? Good idea would be for Farnham to change his name to Mr Bean.


As I recall British Channel Island Ferries operated a reliable sea travel to the Channel Islands with the MV Rozel and the MV Havelet with few failures due to mechanical problems or weather. Whilst the Havelet left a few things to be desired the Rozel offered a comfortable and reliable service. However the company was run out of business by Condor whereupon I recall its marketing manager one Sam Spindlow announcing a “take it or leave it” approach which appears to still exist and is the reason I prefer not to use Condor.

As to it’s present problems with the Liberation I remain of the opinion that the vessel is intransigently unsuitable for all year round operations between the UK and the Channel Islands due to the adverse weather and sea conditions experienced notably in the winter, far better have a conventional ferry! As to engine failures I am somewhat at a loss since the engines are from a well-known and reliable supplier so I would question maintenance and possible over use whilst adding that slow speed diesel engines as used on so many ships are considered to be far more reliable and long lasting than the medium speed engines on the Liberation.

Concerning the future if Condor will not make significant and lasting improvements to the service it offers both Jersey and Guernsey can say goodbye to a significant part of its present tourist trade and become somewhat isolated from both the UK and Europe.


My recollection was that BCIF were run out of business due to customers flocking to Condor who had a faster product !


Yes Rodney customers did flock to Condor with its offering of a faster service to the Channel Islands - can not recall if there was an initial price advantage though! However customers overlooked the fact that BCIF was associated with Brittany Ferries such that in the event of any problems a ship could be found to bail out the Channel Island operations. As I have said once Condor secured its monopoly Sam Spindlow made it abundantly clear that it was a "take it or leave it" policy for travellers using Condor. With this in mind and having regard to the public having chosen to support Condor best for them to shut their mouths over its present inadequacies.


C Le Verdic

Your car didn't get a free dousing with salt water on the BCIF boats.