VIDEO: Runaway jet ski danger averted by heroic action of wakeboarder

Adam Vautier at La Haule slip and, inset, leaping on to the runaway jet ski

A HEROIC wakeboarder prevented a serious accident at St Aubin’s Bay when he jumped from a boat onto a jet ski travelling at high speeds towards swimmers without anyone at the helm.

Adam Vautier leapt onto the unmanned craft when the driver, who had failed to attach his kill cord or wear a life jacket, was thrown from it. The kill cord cuts the engine if the person driving the jet ski ends up coming off.

The 35-year-old was wakeboarding on Sunday afternoon when he noticed the jet ski heading straight towards him and several swimmers and he also heard a man screaming for help in the water as the jet ski spiralled out of control at 20 mph.

Mr Vautier jumped onto his friend’s boat which his wakeboard was attached to in order to launch the rescue and his friend Robin Smith steered the vessel alongside the jet ski allowing Mr Vautier to jump on and take control. The boat then returned to pull the driver of the craft out of the water.

Read the full story in Tuesday's JEP. 





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Comments for: "VIDEO: Runaway jet ski danger averted by heroic action of wakeboarder"

Island Strife

This complete and utter buffoon who didn't have his kill switch cord attached should be prosecuted. Reckless endangerment would be a good opening charge.

Concerned citizen

Couldn't agree more!

I had 2 youngsters swimming at the Gunsite that afternoon, and whole place was crammed with foreign students, imagine one of them getting a 150kg Jet Ski in the head just because some selfish git doesn't like kill switches (or life jackets).

Name and shame him please.