‘River of light’ to bring town’s past and future into public view

pitt street river of light
The ‘river of light’ effect that will be created by the new plans. Inset: The street in earlier times

PLANS to turn a quiet town street into ‘a river of light’ featuring the story of St Helier’s past, present and future have been revealed by the Co-op.

The organisation hopes to revitalise Pitt Street using pulsing floor lights, carvings, new paving and historical texts as part of the redevelopment of its Charing Cross store.

The street – a narrow walkway which connects Dumaresq Street to Charing Cross – is to be transformed under the Island’s Percentage for Art policy, under which developers install public works for the benefit of the community.

Under the plans, Pitt Street will feature a timeline carved into the paving stone covering 1,000 years of St Helier’s development, including important moments in the town’s architectural, military, cultural, political and religious history and embedded lighting will pulse along the street and the whole installation will symbolise Le Grande Douet – the ancient stream that ran through Charing Cross and which was essential to the development of the Island’s capital.

The concept for the project was developed by public art consultant Chris Clifford, who worked with architects Axis Mason to bring his design to life.

Read more about the plans in Tuesday's JEP.



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Comments for: "‘River of light’ to bring town’s past and future into public view"


If that's the finished project, it would make a great place to throw down some bboying moves. Bring it on!


They should look at the way they run Grands Marche first, chicken gone off for sale brought

to attention of manager , sugar water cream crackers not on shelves for weeks.

The way they are treating customers they will have a revamped shop but know customers.


very true. Shop elsewhere whenever I can now. Their food is expensive rubbish

local lives matter

No doubt the famous town skateboarders will completely *dominate* this new trendy lit walkway. Another 'too cool' trendy idea doomed 2 fail....


Why will it fail? And why would skateboarders dominate the area, when the area is devoid of skate-able objects.


Inappropriate idea and a waste of money. Something else that does not fit in with Jersey. Why do these goons try to make Jersey like any other characterless town?

The Crimson Horse Blanket

The name reminds me of Enoch Powell's great speech.

Wilson Riou

"reminds me of Enoch Powell's great speech"

"Great" in what sense?

The speech ended the career of one of Britain's brightest politicians.

It's prophecies didn't materialise.

It failed in its aim to stop the introduction of the Race Relations Bill.

It polarised the nation.

The far right in decline after Moseley had a resurgence.

It legitimised attacks on people because of their skin colour.

The irony is that Powell's use of Sybil's Tiber foaming with blood was completely misunderstood and demonstrates that you can be too clever.

Sotte Voce

It was a clever example of oration and very perceptive too.

Much of it proved to come true, of course.

Wilson Riou


Rather depends on what you mean by 'clever'. It certainly wasn't clever for Powell for whom it was a terminal train crash for his career. He was a brilliant mind and extraordinarily ambitious. He was one of the youngest ever university professors by 25 and rose from the rank of private to become the youngest brigadier by 35. He fully intended to be the Viceroy of India, obviously thwarted by India being granted independence. But for his speech which was a massive error of judgement he would easily have succeeded the ineffective Heath as leader of the Tories and likely been PM. Instead we got Thatcher....

Sotte Voce

Clever is obviously a relative concept. Heath sacked him for being an opponent of the EU. The extremely prescient and astute speech merely gave Heath the ammunition that he sought.

Naturally, the many thousands of letters which Powell received in the wake of his speech were disregarded by the rather less than scrupulous future prime minister.

It is certainly a speech to be celebrated.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

The naming of this road will remind many of the speech and will serve to ensure that the wise and predictive words of its text will be accessed by a new generation.

I wonder if Crowrcoft will read the speech or an extract thereof at the opening ceremony?

Wilson Riou


"Heath sacked him for being an opponent of the EU"

Link please?

Sotte Voce

That is correct. There was indeed a link between Powell's opposition to the EEC and Heath's opportunist move regarding Powell's position in the shadow cabinet.

Wilson Riou


LOL, good try!

I didn't say it was incorrect all I asked for is a web link to a reliable source that corobborates what you say. The general view is that Heath sacked Powell because four of Heath's senior shadow cabinet colleagues threatened to resign if he didn't.

I don't think any of Powell's biographers Robert Pearce, Simon Heffer or Robert Shepherd suggest Powell was sacked because of his opposition to the European Common Market but happy to be corrected.

Sotte Voce

The link seems to be well established. As you state, I am sure that those who have not been aware of the situation will be happy to have been informed.

Wilson Riou


So bull droppings, as suspected....

Sotte Voce

Yes, I imagine that it was so. There was certainly no valid reason apart from Powell's opposition to the EEC.

Wilson Riou

Ah that sotte voce, you're the lady that does the spinning for the ACM...

Sotte Voce

We would certainly promote any organisation which is concerned with freedom of speech and the ability to comment without undue intervention.

As to the matter of "spinning", then this surely will be more a matter for you, one might reasonably imagine in the light of the above.


Another total waste of money and the comment about being taken over by skateboarders is correct. Nice for the people who live around there having the dreadful skateboard noise all night.

How much money is out government borrowing to fund all their crazy schemes, every day there seems to be an announcement of more £millions being spent.


Don't the developers fund the art? As part of the scheme, and doesn't public art encourage tourism, which boosts the local economy (word of the day: rhetorical)

As for skateboarders, why would they be skateboarding on a flat surface, devoid of objects - predominately their objective is to trick on/over stuff.


I herewith rename Pitt street as , " Le route du skateur" !!

local lives matter

It will look 'naff', and more like a skaters path, than anything to do with History,

This bizarre fascination for 'paving' must be tamed.


And the minute the bulbs fail it will all be left to rot. It isn't some sort of 'interpretation of the town's history. It was a sop to planners to get the Co-Op's plans approved. More like a 'river of cobblers' if you ask me. But then the public never get asked on this sort of stuff. This is someone else's idea of what our history should be, rammed down our throats. At least the occupying Germans weren't that patronising!

local lives matter

>>This is someone else's idea of what our history should be, rammed down our throats. At least the occupying Germans weren't that patronising!

Sounds about right