Blue Islands and Condor apologise for disruption

Blue Islands have faced continuing operational issues causing delays and cancellations

BLUE Islands and Condor have both issued apologies to customers following continuing disruption to their services.

On Sunday Condor’s fast ferry, the Liberation, suffered an issue with its turbo charger, and an engine on its sister-ship, the Rapide, shutdown abruptly on Tuesday. Both problems have yet to be fixed.

Meanwhile, Blue Islands have faced continuing operational issues, causing a number of delays and cancellations recently.

Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham said that he plans to meet representatives from both Blue Islands and franchise partners, Flybe, this week.




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Comments for: "Blue Islands and Condor apologise for disruption"

Finding Me:Mo

I too would like to say"sorry".

As in sorry but the only way I will ever use your services ever again is if you are the absolutely last resort , because I no longer trust that you can provide your advertised and then paid for services.

Island Strife

Sorry is no good. What about some proper compensation for all the hours lost waiting for your services to run.

Never again Condor.

But I'm sure you're all shtting yourselves having to face a grilling from Farnham !

Bloke down the pub

Lovely place but a nightmare to get to and from . Shame but I will stick to the main land for my holidays .


It's a complete embarrassment to the island and I know from speaking to people is influencing future plans - I for one planned to come over in early September and island hop to Guernsey here and sark, something I have done a number of times without issue. Having had bad experiences early this summer and seen the number of cancellations on flymaybe and condor have decided to cut jersey out of the plans so probably a loss of £1.5k to the island economy and I know I am not the only one - authorities stop posturing you need to get a grip... And quick


"sorry" is that it ? some family's cant afford to travel every year and when they do they get stuck at a port due to these incompetent businesses. how about they become responsible for their lack of providing a service that has been paid for weeks/months in advance by re-reimbursing the customer for the poor quality service. I bet they don't even offer free food or drinks while having to wait or accommodation if its over night.

Tony B

The record is stuck, so try fixing the the equipment.


"Lyndon Farnham said that he plans to meet representatives"- in other words - i don't intend to sort anything out we're just going out for a few bevies and to have a good laugh at the locals !!!

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Senator Farnham has, sadly, demonstrated that he is a most ineffectual regulator.

The public has no confidence in his ability and those who he is supposed to be regulating are secure in the knowledge that, no matter how poor the service, no sanctions will be imposed.

Concerned citizen

Re-tender all the routes and if there's no suitable takers then a joint island Gov sponsored semi commercial venture is needed to guarantee a reliable service.

Island Strife

Farnham is more interrested in the Royal Yacht than anything else - just check TripAdvisor for his witterings on there. Why they feel the need to have this guy answer complaints is beyond me.

I mean seriously - could you imagine any hard nosed businessman being put under pressure by this man ?

Condor are laughing at us - but no chance we could be brave and stand up for ourselves or expct our "politicians" to do it for us just look at how the finance industry rules over all, talk about that'll wagging the dog. Our inaction on finance and the tax they pay or lack of and the fact that we are taxed to death while companies pay fk all, that's tells us all what we need to know - money is the only language in Jersey and us small fry JEP readers have no voice.

Still, there's always a nice walk on st. Aubins bay to enjoy,

Oh wait . . .

Still, there's always a flight out on Flybe,

Oh wait . . .

Still, there's always a Condor to catch to the UK,

Oh wait . . .