Mechanical fault hits ferry’s Sunday services

Condor Liberation

FAST-ferry services between Jersey and Guernsey were cancelled yesterday because of an engine fault.

The Condor Liberation had been due to arrive at Elizabeth Harbour at 1.45 pm. However, following an overnight inspection, staff discovered a technical fault with a turbo-charger on one of the ship’s engines.

In a brief statement on its website, Condor said: ‘During routine overnight inspections a technical problem with Liberation’s port main engines’ turbo-charger has been discovered.

In order to investigate the fault, and make appropriate repairs, it is unfortunately now necessary to cancel high-speed ferry services today [Sunday] between Guernsey and Jersey. All other services will be operated at a reduced speed.

‘Condor Ferries apologises for the inconvenience which this disruption will cause to customers’ journeys.’




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Comments for: "Mechanical fault hits ferry’s Sunday services"


Still having teething problems then?

Island Strife

Tired of reading and commenting about this now.

We may as well all accept that we are stuck with these jokers, and that there is not enough desire, bravery or gumption to get rid of them or buy them out of their contract.

Meanwhile, what funds we do have and also our taxes are frittered away willy nilly by an out of touch government and civil service that has no fear of repercussions when the latest " oh no " moment is discovered.

This government has forgotten or chooses to ignore that the fundamental requirement is TO SERVE THE PEOPLE.

Please can we ALL remember this come the next elctions and completely vote out these old self serving shysters en masse.


Not again, will this vessel or any of Condors scrap yard run for more than a day correctly??

No Axe to Grind

The truth is that the Government could step in but it would cost. A lot less than a new police station we could do without, and a lot more use to the economy of the island where tourism still has something to contribute however out of fashion that may seem. I despair

Phil Wells

But they're only "minimal" cancellations!!!