Airline sorry for disruption to services for issues apology for performance

Blue Islands’ Rob Veron

BLUE Islands has issued a formal apology to its customers for the ‘unprecedented’ level of disruption to its services over the last few months.

But the airline, which has faced heavy criticism since it entered into a ‘franchise partnership’ with Flybe in June, has also claimed that bad weather and a collapsed deal to lease a new aircraft have been the cause of much of the frustration.

Under the new partnership arrangement, aircraft and staff from Blue Islands, which operates several inter-island routes, were retained but Flybe’s branding and website are now used.

The Guernsey to Jersey flight route was plagued by further delays this week, and on Sunday customers were left perplexed after 48 passengers were booked to travel on a 46-seater plane, which meant that two people had to get off the flight.




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Comments for: "Airline sorry for disruption to services for issues apology for performance"

Simple Sid

Fly be/Blue Island should be invoiced for all the Bussiness time that has been wasted!

N. Pearce

Why did Aurigny drop out of providing these services? I think it was due to undercutting by their rivals which made it unprofitable for them.


Blue island started well but turned out like the rest, very expensive and lousy service