Just over a week left to nominate your heroes

Last year’s JEP Pride of Jersey awards winners had a flight on an executive jet

DO you have a good neighbour, know of an amazing child or are lucky enough to have wonderful grandparents?

If so, you are being urged to nominate as many people as possible for this year’s Pride of Jersey awards before the deadline runs out next week.

Around 100 Islanders or groups have so far been nominated across 12 categories, with each of them being featured in the paper  and online at prideofjersey.com.

From next month Islanders will then be able to vote for their favourite nominees, with the final three going forward to this year’s awards.

Nominations are open to anyone who has gone that extra mile for their community, family or friends. As well as Grandparent, Child and Neighbour of the Year, the search is also on for great leaders, those offering excellent customer service and even those helping preserve our wonderful Island environment, among others.

Those nominated for the inaugural awards last year are also eligible to be nominated for this year’s awards, but will require a fresh nomination for 2016.

The nominations close on Saturday 2 July, with the ceremony being held on 11 September. All children nominated this year will also automatically be entered into Variety’s Star of the Year awards.




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Comments for: "Just over a week left to nominate your heroes"


I nominate Deputy Green.

He deserves the award because not only is he NOT one of the 'postage stamp consensus' (as David Icke describes below), but also because he is ensuring that the biggest spend the Island will see, ie The General Hospital, will be done in a way best for everyone.

The word 'hero' is a word often misused, and thrown about all too easily, but since such a well though our decision will be noticed for a great many years to come, i feel it is justified here.