Special licence plates under the hammer

Transport Minister Eddie Noel with one of the number plates on offer

SPECIAL licence plates are due to go under the hammer on Saturday and car enthusiasts are expected to spend thousands for a unique number.

It will be the fourth consecutive year that the Infrastructure Department has auctioned off short number plates, and last year’s auction raised £259,850.

Among the available number plates which are expected to prove popular this year are J008, J009 and JSY41.

In 2013, the JSY1 plate sold for £71,000, making it the most expensive number plate sold in the Island and last year’s top seller was the James Bond-themed J007 which fetched £45,000.




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Comments for: "Special licence plates under the hammer"


is 006 the number for MINI-ME on his tricycle?

karaoke joe

Can we put the minister under the hammer?. I laugh at those who pay ridiculous amounts of money for a number plate , their choice I know. If this auction raises more money for the States to squander, then I wont buy any plates.


joog joog

Used in the central florida area as:

A drug addict, somewhere between the age of 18-30.

Will almost do anything to get high, usually something of the deceptive nature.

Can be usually identified by skin and bones covered in baggy clothing.http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=joog

William Joyce

Loving Dim Eddies's latest IQ score, so proudly displayed by him in the picture.


Saw a person today in lousy car with a twenty grand plate on it .....each to there own...... but I would have more pleasure in nice car than fancy nos plate.............. or I am odd .lol


I am inclined to agree that you are odd ! Years ago I was offered a car that was worth £1,200 but as it had a three digit plate, the asking price was £2,000 For reasons that I will not go into here, I bought something else for £1,600 which over a 5 year period (this was the early 1980's) fell apart with rust. What would the three digit plate be worth today ?????


No, no - his IQ score would not be that high! He is proudly boasting that he didn't quite reach 007 status.

C Le Verdic

Why stop at two leading zeros? A plate full of zeros would still be a unique identity and fetch a phenomenal sum as would J0.

Had it been J005, it could probably have value as an apocryphal occupation relic or appeal to someone to do with fuel.

Mr Sensible

I feel sorry for the person with J6 as a plate it's now devalued by half, so beware all potential number plate lovers they will release number plates like J0006 in time just to make a few bob to pay for more electric bikes for the well off.

C Le Verdic

Logically,J6 is worth one hundred times J006. However, 'J0' plus any figures should sell well, especially to the altered spacing fraternity and will influence the values significantly. However the owner of J6 might not be called Jo(e) or even anything beginning with J. It depends more on how many people are determined to own a particular plate.

J0 90 would be a good one, even though he had an 'e'. Might suit a female whizz kid.

Whilst in arithmetic 6, 06, 006 et al all have the same quantitative value, they are each unique as registration marks. Their value is whatever someone will pay for each one and has little to do with the availability of an inferior alternative.


deputy rondel might be interested in J090

Mr Sensible

I agree C Le V, however to me why people need to have low number plates , or personalized plates is beyond me, more money than sense I suppose, however if the general public gain benefit from the sale, from more cycle paths ect let the sales continue weekly

Island Strife

Can't help but laugh at these people who splash on these.

More money than sense.

Give the cash wasted on them to the needy and make a REAl difference to people.


So money paid into the States Coffers is wasted ! I paid £300 for an interesting plate to a private individual - Each to their own !


Isn't it everyone's right to spend their own money on what they want?