Condor Liberation delayed due to a technical fault

Condor Ferries 2016
The Condor Liberation

THE Condor Liberation has been delayed today as it is running on reduced power due to a technical fault during its sailing to St Peter Port on Wednesday.

The £50 million vessel, which was added to Condor's fleet last year, will leave Jersey for Poole via Guernsey at 12.50 pm rather than 12.30 pm.

Its scheduled arrivals in Guernsey at 1.30 pm and Poole at 5.10 pm are both expected to be delayed by 35 minutes. The required repairs to the vessel are expected to be completed by Wednesday evening.

Passengers who may be affected by the delays have been advised to check sailing updates on or Condor's Twitter feed @CF_Travel_News.



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Comments for: "Condor Liberation delayed due to a technical fault"

Roisin Red Zen Pitman

Why don't you leave this article up permanently and then just keep changing the dates as appropriate.

JUDGESMAILS......MWOI....MWOI....'s easy to grin,..........when your ship's come in..........


Liberated from having a reliable ferry service.


Time to scrap this £50 million white elephant and replace it with a ship that actually works.


This article backs up my decision to holiday in Normandy this year.

My hard earned cash has been converted to Euros and has been spent in France instead of on the Island.

The leader should read "delayed owing to a technical fault", as "due to" is in the future tense.

But, as it relates to Conned 'Or, keep the "due to" as I am sure this will happen again......and again.......and again......and again.


The elastic band that run the Constipation have broken again (or perhaps they forgot to wind up the clockwork motor)