EasyJet to bring in 30-minute cut-off

The airline says it will stop passengers flying from Gatwick if they turn up less than 30 minutes before departure

ISLANDERS travelling with easyJet from Gatwick will be stopped from passing through security if they arrive less than 30 minutes before their flight is scheduled to depart, it has been announced.

According to new measures implemented by the airline, security barriers at the airport will be reprogrammed to deny entry to any passengers trying to board their flight with less than half an hour to spare.

A spokesman for the airline said: ‘Punctuality is important to our customers and that is why we ask passengers to be at the gate no later than 30 minutes before the flight departs.

‘This means that if passengers are still yet to clear security with less than 30 minutes before their flight is scheduled to leave, they will be unable to achieve this.

‘At larger airports like Gatwick, walks to some gates can take up to 20 minutes.’

Ports of Jersey have reminded passengers travelling with easyJet from Jersey Airport that check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure time and the gate closes 30 minutes before departure.


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Comments for: "EasyJet to bring in 30-minute cut-off "


they just trying to drive up more favourable stat results. It's so obvious. Having said that jersey airport hardly the biggest in the world, but I'd buy that for a dollar, because some will fall foul of this new race time limit.