No new Zika advice for Madeira travel

Aedes mosquito
The Aedes mosquito spreads the virus

NO fresh advice has been issued to Islanders travelling to Madeira after it was named as a ‘high risk’ area for an outbreak of the Zika virus.

The virus, which was first seen in Brazil last year, is a mosquito-borne disease linked to birth defects in children whose mothers have been infected while pregnant.

According to a recent assessment by the World Health Organisation, areas most at risk are those where Aedes mosquitoes may spread the virus, such as the Black Sea coast of Russia and Georgia and the island of Madeira.

Countries with a moderate risk include France, Spain, Italy and Greece, while the risk in the UK is low and the Health Department said that there was currently no ‘specific’ advice for people intending to travel to Madeira imminently but that Islanders should check the latest travel advice in the build-up to their departure in the coming weeks and months.




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Comments for: "No new Zika advice for Madeira travel"


so flights from Madeira and other high risk areas will be fumigated?