Safety work on junction down to two options

The junction where the accident occurred which prompted the move for changes to improve safety

SAFETY improvements to a St Helier junction where a motorcyclist was killed nearly two years ago could be completed by the end of the year, the Infrastructure Department says.

Engineers have been working on three options to reconfigure the section of road around Kensington Place following recommendations from the States police and the Deputy Viscount, Mark Harris.

The work follows the death of Islander Sam Jacob Slater (25), who was killed in August 2014 after his motorbike was involved in a collision with the side of flat-bed lorry which was turning right into Kensington Place from the westbound carriageway of the Esplanade.

David St George, the manager of transport policy for the Infrastructure Department, said that they were now considering just two options after they ruled out moving a nearby pedestrian crossing - under consideration now is the introduction of traffic lights at the right turning to Kensington Place from the westbound lane of the Esplanad, with the second option being to block the right turn, forcing motorists to drive past the junction and then take the exit where there are traffic lights onto the West Park roundabout.



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Comments for: "Safety work on junction down to two options"

Henty Amy

Ban the right turn. Additional traffic lights will only complicate matters. KISS (keep it simple + safe)


Traffic lights the best option. When pedestrians are using the crossing (and therefore stopping the eastbound traffic), the right turn is very simple. It is when there are no pedestrians (ironically) that it gets dangerous. Sometimes, whilst waiting to turn right, I am tempted to get out of the car and push the pedestrian crossing button just to stop the traffic!

Phil Wells

Block the right turn, it's another accident waiting to happen


Please just keep it simple, block the right turn from the esplanade forcing drivers to drive up and around the West Park Round-a-Bout. Red lights seem to make no difference to some drivers these days.


The right turn into Bellozanne road and the one further down by cost cutter shop in St Aubins Road

are worse due to parked cars and vans , parking control do nothing .

I WOULD go as far as saying St Aubins Road is the best place to park on a pavement or yellow line

and not be booked.

The other point is cars and vans cross over to park, facing on coming traffic then after parking

on yellow line block on coming traffic to allow them to move off.

The law should change to stop this , traffic would flow and the road would be safer.

Joe Le Gros

I favour traffic lights here.

On the subject of dangerous roads I challenge the constable of St Saviour and her (hard working ha ha ha team) to walk the length of Rue Des Pres at 9am or 3 pm on school days. The road is not wide enough for two way traffic. Every day I see little school children just inches from passing traffic. Come on Sadie or do you need a dead child before you start doing the job you were elected to do.

Plat Douet Road left as it is one way from George Town with traffic lights on the Bagot Road end. Rue Des Pres one way from Longueville with traffic lights at Longueville Road end would also make that death trap junction safe.