VIDEO: Happy homecoming as Geoff the otter gets a hero’s welcome

geoff the otter on the left back with his family at durrell
Geoff the otter (on the left) is now back with his family at Durrell

AN escaped otter that gave Durrell staff the runaround has finally been reunited with his family.

Geoff, an Asian short-clawed otter, escaped from the wildlife park last December and was on the loose for five weeks before he was found and captured in St Catherine’s Woods in mid-January.

Following his return to Durrell, Geoff was put into quarantine for 30 days to ensure that he had not picked up any infections, however, plans to reunite him with his family were delayed as urgent repair works needed to be

undertaken to drains next to the otter enclosure.

As Asian short-clawed otters are social animals, the keepers at Durrell were concerned that Geoff’s family would reject him and preferred to ensure that his reintroduction took place when the area was quiet and calm, but he was finally reunited with his family on Friday morning.





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Comments for: "VIDEO: Happy homecoming as Geoff the otter gets a hero’s welcome"

CADDYSHACK....this looks like it could be gravy

i bet he's already making a fake passport and stamping it with a potato. hogans heroes on the tv and an old triumph twin by the fence. better out than in geoff, better out than in.


I totally empathise with Geoff - if i was at The Zoo i would want to escape too !!!