UK-style points system for driving offences?

using mobile phone while driving driver texting
During the hearing this week the court heard that a police officer saw the phone in the defendant's hand for two to three seconds. The Centenier said it was accepted that the defendant had been using a hands-free kit at the time but had picked the phone up.

A UK-style points system for driving offences will be considered later this year in an effort to improve road safety.

Infrastructure Minister Eddie Noel confirmed last year that his department was working on a new safety strategy and that he could see the benefits of a points system.

A spokesman for the department said that other ‘higher-priority work’ had taken precedence during 2015, but an action plan will be developed later this year and this will include the consideration of a UK-style points system.

The points system for driving offences, including for people using mobile phones behind the wheel, would mean that persistent offenders could face driving bans.




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Comments for: "UK-style points system for driving offences?"


Now if the SOJ and Police wher smart they would copy Italy where you start with a number of points and then have points deducted for offences.

Reasoning being is lose aversion is much more powerful tool in physiology for achieving behavioural change.

C Le Verdic

So, is the driving in Italy exemplary?

Do you regain points by blowing your horn?


Admittedly the driving in Italy is poor but I think that is the least of their problems.

That said the concept of using lose aversion is absolutely correct, well established and a smart way to go.

Sadly as others have touched on, the process is largely irrelevant if it is not enforced correctly, or just used as a cynical method to raise revenue rather than improve behaviour.

Now let me think......Jersey......SOJ......Police.......yup.........just a way to tax the public.


Forgot to to pay for those SOJ golf trips some how so clearly this is a great idea :)


Of course, this will need to be policed first. Better policing and set the fines higher?


If we are going to copy them... okay... but you don't have retake your driving test after a ban in the UK, so lets copy that as well.

Island Strife

Sounds like a great money spinner.

Erm, I mean sounds like just what the island needs to improve driving skills.


Nice little earner this one under the banner of pounds for points!!! I've seen bad driving by police (turning without indicating). Can we report these incidences too?


Parking on hatched zig zag lines on either side of a level crossing attracts automatic 3 penalty points in the UK, for obvious reasons and yet in Jersey, delivery drivers park on them all the time. Let's also stop those that pull out straight out into the overtaking lane on Victoria Avenue and meander down it when the lane beside is completely clear.

C Le Verdic

... and you have to watch out for the trains on level crossings in the UK!

I think I've mentioned before that choice of lane on Victoria Avenue should be more about where you are going than how fast you are going, especially as there is no good reason for any one to go significantly faster than anyone else on that road. It is more of a traffic management system with pre-junction laneing than an express superhighway. Neither lane is particularly clear at most times that I've observed it, otherwise I'd tend to agree with you and prioritise the needs of the compulsive overtaker.


Of course, it's a pelican crossing now you come to mention it! And the same applies, as to zebra and toucan crossings in the UK, where three penalty points are automatic, when parking on them and obscuring sight lines is dangerous to pedestrians.

As to our only dual carriageway, those that pull out straight into the outside lane with not another vehicle on the nearside into the far horizon, really take the biscuit. They think they will get to their destination faster perhaps. Laneing? That's one for you CLeverdic!

C Le Verdic

In the circumstances you so amusingly describe, I think I would be inclined to take the inside lane, slowly creep up and after ascertaining that it is not a police entrapment (you need to know the honoraries faces as well as the paid ones), hoof it away at up to 40. One could explain the manoeuvre by bluffing that the outside lane driver slowed inexplicably (but by no means unexpectedly as Jersey driving goes) while you maintained a steady speed.

Or: We could take a leaf out of the American book and allow overtaking on either side. Why follow the UK necessarily? It's time they allowed it over there. Let Jersey show the way, like with 'filter in turn' (which the UK has never needed because they understand how roundabouts work).


Oh my goodness, I think that I recognise your artful prose! I would go for taking a leaf out of the American book and follow overtaking on either side, come to which, the same is commonplace in South America, which you may have visited.

C Le Verdic

I'm cut to the quick by any association with that person.


This is just a money spinner and gives the impression that the Police are enforcing the law.

Almost every day, we hear of accidents on the road but very few of the culprits get prosecuted. Yet you pick up the paper and read that someone got caught speeding in a green lane of did not notify the authorities of change of address. Easy pickings !