States probe into South Africa flights to stay confidential

Economic Development chief executive Mike King (right) and Locate Jersey's director of inward investment Wayne Gallichan have been criticised for flying business class while on States business

THE findings of a disciplinary investigation into the actions of two civil servants who spent nearly £13,000 of taxpayers’ money on flights to a South African mining conference are to remain confidential, the Chief Minister has said.

Senator Ian Gorst said on Tuesday that a review of the States’ travel booking policy, under which the flights were arranged, and a disciplinary procedure were under way, but that only the first would be made public.

The JEP recently revealed that Mike King, Economic Development chief executive, and Wayne Gallichan, the head of inward investment at Locate Jersey, travelled on fully flexible return business-class tickets to Cape Town.

The two men, who initially defended the cost of the tickets, which they said were booked in accordance with States policy and would enable them to rest so that they could begin work immediately, were later discovered to have booked to play golf on their arrival.




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Comments for: "States probe into South Africa flights to stay confidential"


Wow there's a surprise, it's all going to be kept secret,that's how this states elite do things. No one else's business ,specially not the peasant.

Grumpy Git

Why will the outcome be kept confidential.

Are they worried that the outcome will upset the public even more than the misdemeanour ??

CADDYSHACK....this looks like it could be gravy

fortunately the rebirth of 'investigative journalism' has arrived in jersey. therefore the days of the 'old boys club' and secretive associations will eventually START to die out. secretive organisations can only survive whilst the public accept it and turn a blind eye and only paper records it. NOW that the public won't stand for corruption in public office and we can now investigate everything using the internet, ALL THE SECRETS will escape from under the carpet. i guess the lexusdrivers will be questioned rather than trusted, but ONLY if we all decide they have to be rooted out of our public buildings.


No, it is not possible that the outcome is kept secret. There might be some things in the process that are personal but irrelevant to the inquiry, but the overall results must be made public. There is too much civil service control of this process, and it does require sufficient political direction. Everyone I know is very shocked by this. It would just be defensible (but still a terrible waste) but for the golf. I would imagine that King and Gallichan are frantically cooking up excuses about how golf is really hard work. The trouble is that even if this slightly secret internally driven inquiry manages to exonerate them with some amazing excuse, the two of them are going to be a laughing stock for the rest of their careers.

King is the one who should take the blame for this. He was the senior of the two. Gallichan can apply the Nuremberg defence. I also find it very surprising that King got away with the Cavelle film incident. He was the one, not MacLean, who was close to Cavelle. You can see it from the photo. Leaving a pure disciplinary issue aside, you have to question King's judgement and common sense. I can see this defence from some that he has done lots of good work for the island. Well, so have lots of people, and teachers for example probably do a lot more in relation to what they get paid. Someone wrote that Gallichan had brought in lots of inward investment. So, could lots of people if they were put into that job. It is not a justification for protecting either of them.

The process should result in King being removed in some way and Gallichan having a lesser censure.

Mr Sensible

Absolutely discraceful, we can see the old boys network has won again, let's hope someone blows the whistle on the outcome of any action taken , after all chief minister it is the tax payers money that has been squandered. Roll on the next elections when we can boot out the dead wood.


Am i correct in thinking that Mike King had an influence on the Film Fiasco that lost us 200 grand plus ....South Africa is an expensive route.... but with costs in the spotlight it could have been another misjudgement.... how many can you make..... on their salary.


Sorry big mistake Gorse.....its tax payers money thats been wasted so tax payers need to know the full outcome......there's not much trust now in the States so make it all open!


"Not much trust in the states now"........has there ever been any trust in these bloated muppets?

karaoke joe

So nothing changes . Open and transparent Jersey, so called Government at it's very best A house of corruption.


Excellent photos JEP, both laughing their socks off.

No independent review, no release of the outcome of an internal investigation to the working tax paying classes, no mention of inclusion of Senator Philip Ozouf's entourage of civil servants attending the same South African mining conference and costs associated. No transparency, little accountability.

What message does this disgusting abuse of tax payers money send to island residents ?

A recent poll asked to grade politicians favourably or unfavourably noted that the Chief Minister Ian Gorst received 168 in favour and 718 not in favour.

CM Gorst has always advocated a truthful and transparent Government, as show by his actions, words are cheap.


I'm sorry but this is unacceptable. Surely the Chief Minister must realise that in situations like this the public has a right to know a) how it all came about and b) what action is to be taken against those that abuse the system. If the UK PM did this there would be a public outcry if the punishment was not published.

This is yet another incidence of secrecy but for what reason?

Are these civil servants so indispensible that no-one dare offend them? Who is running this Island exactly?

To be frank if the civil servants concerned had an ounce of decency and regard for the public they would tender their resignations immediately. How can they live with the shame of this? How will they answer their friends when asked what they thought they were doing?

Justice must not only be done BUT seen to be done.


Remember this when you get your tax form! Tell them the your information is confidential.

Island Strife

Sweep sweep, brush brush, nothing to see here.

Let's just keep it all hush, hush.

The Jersey Way


1. Taxpayers money spent. (Very well spent).

2. States representatives have a damn good holiday, alledged to be working for the Islanders, taking in a round of golf as soon as they arrive.

3. No disclosure of the hotel bill details, i.e., meals, drinks, tips, or any "extras"?.

4. Why no public disclosure of the enquiry?, after all the Islanders paid for this "working venture/holiday/freebie/ripping off the taxpayer". ( Delete where necessary ). The Islanders have a right to be informed of the outcome.

5. The two culprits should be made to repay back to the people of Jersey the money they have abused / stolen from them.

I write this from the mainland, I am not a Jersey resident, my mother and grandmother suffered and starved, as everyone else did on the Island during the Occupation.

My mother was a Communist, her favourite saying was "I'll be first on the barricades, and they'll be first against the wall".

I feel that others on the Island may think the same.

I am now looking forward to the elections.


They were attending a mining conference?

What relevance has a mining conference to Jersey?

C Le Verdic

It is somewhere nice to visit at this time of the year. No doubt with the added belief that (wealthy, white) South Africans are somehow 'like us'.

They wouldn't have gone if it had been held in Poland in February and to do with coal mining.

Closer investigation might even reveal that this is one of the world's top junkets.

Why don't we check up on where else they have been and where they are still planning to go?

I'm sure that continued conference attendance will be of immense benefit to the movement of money into offshore accounts, while the rest of us tighten our belts in order to preserve the lifestyle of the better off.

Wilson Riou

Minerals and mining businesses have been setting up Jersey holding companies for a few years now. It's quite big business for the island due to its tax neutrality.

Jean P

If Mike King lied regarding the expenditure of public money he has to be dismissed. Unfortunately his Minister is weak and will avoid making decisions.


The results should be made public, there is zero justification in keeping this under wraps.

Anyone who has a vague interest in the world economy knows mining is in trouble across the world with many mines shutting up due to low commodity prices. Why it was of such importance to attend a conference in South Africa of an industry on its knees no one will know apart from the two buffoons in question.

Who approved the trip and expenses, surely trips like this have to be pre-approved by their manager before booking?

Would they have been in such a rush to attend if said same conference was held in Middlesborough for example? I doubt not as I hear the golf course is not up to much there!

Tim South

Jean P

Mike King is head of department and signed off the trip himself, the question is " let us be serious no sniggering ", why did he book a much more expensive ( change at any time ) flexible ticket and then miss his golf tournament when there was an earlier flight ? He could have changed both Cape Town bookings ?

There is a theory it was booked to get an automatic ( champagne sir ) upgrade to first class ? the big question is why did he and Mr Gallichan attend at all ? As world roving Senator Ozouf took his own gang of civil servants to the mining conference, and why are civil servants ( John Richardson ) involved with investigating this abuse, with the disciplinary results being kept out of the public domain?

This is not transparent or good Government, when civil servants are allowed to behave in this manner and keep their highly paid gold pension jobs and bonuses ?

A class of six year students could investigate this, the spending, who went, what happens to the air mile points earned, the possible upgrades, the States credit card expenditure on the trip, the benefit cost analysis, in fact the whole pathetic episode and again I mention all the other civil servants that accompanied Philip Ozouf.

These people are obviously not to be trusted with other hard working peoples' money.


Is there another angle that needs investigating too. Could they have booked the fully flexible (AND FULLY REFUNDABLE) flights then cancelled them, then re-booked non-flexible (cheaper) flights and pocketed the difference?

C Le Verdic

There's nothing new about people who can get away with it living the high life.

That's why we have business class travel, company cars, tax fiddles, corporate hospitality and lavish conferences.

What's new is that the rest of us, who take exception to being told by these jokers to tighten our belts and enjoy austerity while they carry on as before, are now much better informed about what really goes on and are slowly realising that worshipping wealth and status has no benefit to most working people.

Dave C

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why this is not more important than the new hospital controversy and yet, other that the comments on this site, there doesn't appear to be much of a response.

I hope that there will be an organised response to this, if the States continue on their current path. This is a prime, and probably not isolated example, of the massive waste of taxpayer revenue, that continues, year in and year out, orchestrated by the States.

We need a greater political response.

We need a investigative response from the media and States insiders.

Whistle blowers need to be re-assured that the public are on their side and will support them.

We need a greater public response.

As soon as this pub closes..........


Of course outcome should be confidential.

All I want to see is that "three senior civil service posts gone, at NO cost to the States!" They were relieved of their posts because they were not up to the job.

The States are now looking at the civil servant who was advising DIM Eddie on the Fuel Farm lease.

Very suspicious, 30 million profit for some one, but SORRY owing to confidentiality clauses JO public can 'kiss DIM Eddies derriere'.


I wonder how the Chief Minister would deal with a Clameur de Haro in this case?

C Le Verdic

He'd probably consult the Bailhache brothers and throw it out on the grounds that the 'Clameur' is only normally used for property infringements.

Get modern and issue a Freedom of Information Request (if there is such a thing in Jersey).

C Le Verdic

On reflection, wouldn't a Clameur be a Royal Court matter rather than a States one?


Where are my questions ??

Were they to sensitive and been deleted ??