Inner Road revealed as worst for accidents

The Inner Road has long been a site of road traffic collisions

THERE have been more accidents in St Aubin’s Road than any other road in Jersey in the past three years, according to the latest figures.

There were 121 accidents on the 2.5-mile road, known as the Inner Road, between January 2013 and the start of February 2016, data released after a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The next highest number of accidents over the same period – 96 in total – occurred on Victoria Avenue, Jersey’s only dual-carriageway.

St Clement’s Coast Road and the Esplanade had 76 accidents each and Grande Route de St John had 75 road traffic collisions, while the data shows that the highest speed recorded by a car in the Island since 2013 was 87 miles per hour on Route de la Libération, near the pedestrian crossing next to Liberation Square.



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Comments for: "Inner Road revealed as worst for accidents"


Higher speeds have been record, I've heard of over 100 being indicated in St Brelade

karaoke joe

This is probably one of the worst places for vehicles parking at the shop and of course traffic exiting from Bellozane road who mostly just look right as they are exiting the junction I have had a few near misses here. Just be aware