Drug smuggler's Mercedes up for sale after being seized

Mercedes Benz, E-Klasse, E-Klasse-AMG, Fahrveranstaltung Barcelo
Jersey Customs will auction a Mercedes E-Class (similar to the one pictured here) which was seized from a drugs smuggler

A MERCEDES-Benz car which was seized by Customs officials when it was used to smuggle drugs into Jersey last year could be put up for auction.

Jersey’s Customs and Immigration Service has been authorised to dispose of the E-Class model vehicle, which usually costs at least £30,000 when new, and it is likely to be sold to raise funds for the department.

Andrew Hunt, an assistant director at Customs, said that any vehicles used to import illegal substances into Jersey could be seized and disposed of at their discretion.

He added: ‘The car was used for smuggling and it is of some value, so the decision has been taken for it to be seized, and in all likelihood it will be sold at auction, probably at Glencoe.’

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Comments for: "Drug smuggler's Mercedes up for sale after being seized"


So a car, bought (presumably) with the proceeds of crime can be sold by a government authority, the proceeds of which are then cleaned and used for legitimate purposes.

So why are finance staff put through mandatory money laundering training on an annual basis ?????


the money raised should go to mental health department .


Disparate issues. Training of staff for anti-money laundering instances has nothing to do with money raised from the seizure of assets

C Le Verdic

I'm surprised that the car wasn't crushed, to teach it a lesson about getting involved in crime.


In USA any assets used for the smuggling of drugs is seized when proven to be purchased or used in illegal crime.These are then sold to help fund their departments in the ongoing fight to keep drugs off the streets.Knowing that,Perhaps if the criminals had their cars,house,boats etc seized it may deter a few.I say good luck to the Customs.Keep up the good work.


In the USA, 23 States have legalised Cannabis for medicinal purposes, and 4 States have already legalised for recreational use, with many more States voting on the issue this coming November. Public opinion nationwide is getting stronger every year with 58% now in support.

The results have been very positive, with hundreds of millions of dollars raised in taxes and put to good use building schools and hospitals, crime rates down and very few negative side effects as a whole.

Meanwhile, closer to home in the UK they have the highest rates of drug use in Europe and also top the league when it comes to drug deaths, which have been climbing sharply and were at record levels in 2015. Portugal, who decriminalised the personal possession and use of ALL drugs in 2001, have seen rates of problematic drug use slashed in half, and deaths fall to almost zero. They now have the lowest rates of problematic drug use and deaths in Europe.

The States of Jersey commissioned a drug report, released last year on 26th June, the International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking, which found that rates of problematic drug use in Jersey are twice the UK average, even after decades of draconian sentences for drug offences being dished out by the Jersey Courts, and also called for the Police to conduct more stop and search on Jersey youngsters in order to try and catch them with drugs and criminalise them.

The same day the United Nations Secretary General released a statement calling on countries to decriminalise the personal possession and use of ALL drugs and treat the problem as a health issue not a criminal issue.

Any thoughts?

C Le Verdic

I was told on this forum that were it not for an American called Steve Jobs having taken drugs, I would not be using a computer now.

Surely time that Jersey realised this vital truth and decriminalised drugs right now?

Oh, and come down on alcohol and tobacco like a ton of bricks. They do nothing for the development of new technology.


ALL assets from drug smuggling should be seized by Customs.

Cars,house,boats etc should be sold to help fund the department to keep drugs off the streets.Other countries have this system so why not Jersey Customs.

Good Luck,let's hope the funds do not go to filling the Islands Black Hole.