All parishes urged to offer kerbside recycling

Trinity is one parish currently offering a monthly kerbside recycling service

PARISHES that do not offer a kerbside recycling scheme are to bring forward plans to show how they could introduce the programmes.

The Transport Department has published a report that shows there is support for more recycling initiatives, but that they should be introduced on a parish-by-parish basis and not unified under a single Islandwide project.

Now, TTS has recommended that parishes outline how long it would take and what would be needed for them to set up a kerbside recycling programme.

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Comments for: "All parishes urged to offer kerbside recycling"

Paul The Builder

Typical Jersey, 10 years behind everyone else.

This should have been in place years ago and let's hope all the Parishes agree.


Wouldn't a single, island-wide scheme be more cost effective?


So long as the rates don't increase !