Classic cars and slow tractors to be exempted from anti-pollution tax


VERY old cars and speed-restricted tractors are to be exempted from an increase in an anti-pollution tax on motor vehicles approved in the 2016 Budget.

The approval of the Budget means that from next year, many motorists will pay higher levels of Vehicle Emissions Duty (VED) – a tax paid when vehicles are first registered in the Island based on their level of carbon dioxide emissions.

St John Constable Chris Taylor lodged an amendment for the changes to VED to be withdrawn, but it was narrowly defeated by 23 votes to 20, with one abstention.

Two amendments to the proposals on VED were approved by the States Assembly, however. Grouville Constable John Le Maistre lodged an amendment for any vehicles more than 50 years old to continue being exempt from VED.

Deputy David Johnson lodged an amendment to freeze the existing levels of VED on any tractors which are limited to a top speed of 26 mph. He said that applying VED on a tractor would not influence a farmer’s decision on whether to buy it or not.


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Comments for: "Classic cars and slow tractors to be exempted from anti-pollution tax"


so the rich win again . what about the rest of us trying to keep our cars on the road a bit cheaper so we can have a bit more money for our families


Why? Is it because they are owned by wealthy people?


Another back door stealth tax. We have a levy on plastic bags and yet our island is wrapped in hundreds and perhaps a thousand acres of plastic during the potato season. What next, will those who don't drive, smoke or drink be guilty of tax evasion?!


" He said that applying VED on a tractor would not influence a farmer’s decision on whether to buy it or not."

Nor will VED on a personal car purchase for an individual. In what world does someone think "This car is really the one I want, it fit's the bill perfectly....but I am not goign to buy it because of the VED charge..."

So, let's scrap it there also then...oh wait

Jersey Old fashion

I don't get it ! What a hell is paying an extra fee going to do to the f****** planet. Are the states planing on using that money on new parks new green zones! I don't think so, will just be a extra end of the year bonus to a top states employee


Just a way of bringing in more cash for our halfwits to squander.... on some pretence of it saving the planet...... these classics rack up minimum mileage so they should be tax free..... don't forget our road duty is the highest in Europe 40p plus per litre ....then they put GST on the duty. Mc Clean's voice sounds like an educated guy.... but in reality he is clearly well out of his depth. He is naive and clueless.