Do you know where to find Jersey's National Park?

A PROJECT has been launched to raise the profile of Jersey’s Coastal National Park in an effort to boost tourist numbers and increase local knowledge of the area.


The park, which encompasses the entire west coast of the Island and the majority of the north and east coasts, was officially recognised in 2011, but since then little has been done to promote the area, leaving many Islanders unaware of the park’s existence.

And following a series of workshops led by the Environmental Department, an interim working group has been set up to create a brand and an identity for the park.

Full report in Friday's JEP.

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Comments for: "Do you know where to find Jersey's National Park? "

Finding Me:Mo

If you thought that the last Planning Minister was 'off planet' sometimes ,then his predecessor who kicked this off was more than a little farther out there.

Some might think that the green splodge that interestingly centres about at Plemont looks more like a contagion than conservation.

And conservation of what exactly? People's gardens mostly , and car parks.Perhaps a more realistic term would Jersey's National Car Park. All this from the team that bought "Art through blackmail for planning decisions" ( not corrupt but the Planning for Art process before anyone complains).

This is 'badge engineering', if I was insensitive enough to put a Manchester United sticker on my car does that make me a footballer?