Curse of the child drinkers

CHILDREN as young as ten are being treated at the Hospital for alcohol or drug abuse, the JEP can reveal.

Children as young as ten are being teated at the Hospital for alcohol or drug abuse
Children as young as ten are being teated at the Hospital for alcohol or drug abuse

CHILDREN as young as ten are being treated at the Hospital for alcohol or drug abuse, the JEP can reveal.

Figures released by the Health department show that young people continue to put their lives in jeopardy despite repeated warnings about the dangers of drinking and drug taking.

The statistics were given to this newspaper after a request under the Freedom of Information code.

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Comments for: "Curse of the child drinkers"


Who do we blame the children or their parents for a lack of parental care & skills ?


Katie , How can you blame the children for a lack of parental care ?

gino risoli

do as l say does not work, this reflects what the child see's as an example set by grown ups.


"young people continue to put their lives in jeopardy despite repeated warnings about the dangers of drinking and drug taking."

This statement implies that the children are ignoring the messages but if these children are only ten years old then the repeated warnings should have been aimed at the irresponsible parents.

roger phlegm

Perhaps the problem is that the repeated "drugs are bad, huh? drugs kill" warnings don't reflect the experience of most drinkers and drug users and thus undermines the credibility of all messages on the drugs subject.

Statistically, almost all children will drink underage and most will take illegal drugs, so the idea that somehow anybody is to blame for not "getting the message across" is absurd: the truth is, the message is palpable nonsense and even kids can see through it.


It's likely we'll never know just how many people alcohol does kill. Alcohol is implicated in a lot of different types of cancer.

And with alcohol the message isn't "palpable nonsense". Alcohol affects the brains of children differently to those of adults, this is because of the obvious fact that children's brains are still at an important stage of development.


I blame the parents,no doubt their parents spend most of their time down the pub.There are so many dysfunctional families these days and that's why kids hit the bottle or take drugs.Get the parents in court.


I do wonder if this is the beginning of what will become the norm due to people breeding for benefits? Too many times in the last few years I've seen drunk mothers being walked home by their small children.

Some of these kids will think it's totally normal to get up and watch Trisha, start drinking and drop an E before trotting over to Iceland in their pj's to get a £1 curry and sleeping it off until the next day.


unfortunatly thats most peoples life


Very sad :( Those poor children...children as young as 10??? Where are the parents and why are they not held accountable? How bad does a poor little life have to be that they have to turn to drink/drugs...

annette liron

Parents should be held responsible and fined. Where do the children get the money from?


Several of my relations have been Honoraries in different parishes. This has been a long term problem, perhaps the age is now younger.

Parents given their children drink and money for drink. Many parents are scared of their children (especially single mothers with large teenagers) many parents do not seem to be able to say no to them

Of course if they are out at night, drinking and/or drugging they are not at home doing their homework so a few years down the line - more unemployed = more welfare.


It's the parents and any parent who says differently is just shirking their own responsibility in my opinion. What a shame the island is coming to this.


Young people will always put their lives at risk, it is called being young & possibly a little stupid! The amount of people reading this article and turning to others and saying "When I was young, I once...." We all lived !

the wanted

Drinking at age 10? Are you for real?


Yes I am for real! So are the children doing it! I never said I agreed with it, it simply does happen !


If you've got rubbish parents then yes, it does happen!


all blame the parents hey well the parents cant control there own children now or you will be prosocuted.its the law thats to blame

St Johnnie

You are of course correct, we have all done stupid things when we were younger but drink and drugs at 10, really? This is not some juvenile rites of passage, this is a potential social catastrophe if left unchecked.


A child knows right from wrong, these messages and warnings are taught by all schools & 99.9% of all parents.

I think a few figures should be published first before anyone starts pointing the finger, how many 10 year, or two and the circumstances and actions taken so this never happens again?


Agreed, dare I say this is yet another sensationalized head line! I doubt if .0001% of parents would simply allow their children to do drugs and get drunk without any concern !


A period of growth sponsored by way too much credit,and we have a generation of immature kids who then have kids,they have an entitlement mentality,state sponsored by free deposits,job not seekers allowance,income support...and the media constantly bigging up talentless morons,,who just for turning up and being ridiculous,have made fortunes...if your parents are not at the helm,your boat wallows around directionless,kids seek boundaries,and if there are none...go feral...what else can the poor little buggers do.when a proper parent supplies discipline in daily living the child has something to rail against and knows where the boundaries are,,and where he begins and ends,if the so called grownups.smoke dope,ponce off the state,sell drugs and get pi**ed all the time...where is the childs compass..this child then becomes a problem for the state thousands are spent jailing hospitaisisng,and managing this person,they then breed and we have massive social decay...then ghettos....we see non accountability,theft fiddling expenses,banks ripping us off the pillars of society that were, are now seen as corrupt,we have burned our own Totems,broken our own rules,sacrificed integrity for materialism....and we wonder why it's all going tits up...leadership begins at the top and rolls down hill does the brown stuff...what do you want..another generation of dysfunctional addicts...?

Grumpy Old Woman

Depressing, but probably close to the truth.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

Amazing! It sounds like the end of civilisation; and all because of a mere handful of children...


The trouble is that a 'mere handful of children' may often have influence over other children and lead them down the same slope.

I have seen it in with my own relations - child out a night drinking and petty vandalism, turns into drug use, then a criminal record when over 18 then NO JOB. Another burden on tax payers


Well at least we cannot blame pubs for serving under age drinkers of only 10 years.

Most households now have alcohol year round, easily accessible, or go over to Parade Park and you will see youngsters congregated around the alcoholics.

And not that far from the Bobby Shop on Rouge Bouillon, makes you think doesnt it?

Far too many lunch time patrols up and down King and Queen Street maybe, all for display of course.

The Thinker

I'm very curious about the timing of this 'news' story. Yes there is a major issue in the Island and this has been the case for many years, however all the signs are that it is a decreasing problem and that things are moving in the right direction.

I wonder if why the JEP has suddenly decided this issue needs publicity at this time.