Salmonella outbreak

AN investigation is under way after the worst outbreak of salmonella poisoning in Jersey for many years.

Medical Officer of Health Susan Turnbull
Medical Officer of Health Susan Turnbull

AN investigation is under way after the worst outbreak of salmonella poisoning in Jersey for many years.

By yesterday, 14 cases had been confirmed and a further 46 people were undergoing tests after falling ill with salmonella-like symptoms following two private barbecue events earlier this month. Some of those affected are understood to be children, but no one has yet required hospital treatment.

Read the full story in Tuesday's JEP.

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Comments for: "Salmonella outbreak "

St Ouen

Perhaps it would be helpful if the symptoms of salmonella were described to help people recognise them!

Pitty Shants!

MMMM! Delicious BBQ,S. All that meat left out in the hot sun, then half cooked with the odd blue bottle doing the disco fever bit.

Happened to me twice at the continental food fare. Obviously don't want to be rascist hence the continental bit;-)

A bit of hand washing,refrigeration & basic common sense hygiene goes a long way.


Never put the cooked meat in the tray where the raw one was.

If you can't cook chicken , stick to drinking beer...


They should name and shame the culprit.

Why dont jersey regulate anyone selling and providing food. Now is the time to put a law in place, there are to many people who do a 9-5 job and then go out and try to earn a few pounds at the weekend.

Salmonella can kill.


The article says the people ate at two private events so presumably this means the food was not sold? Unless this is not strictly true of course.And are you right in saying there are no regulations about people selling food because if that is correct it is disgraceful. Have to say I lost count of the number of times I have been unwell after eating a sandwich with mayonnaise from various places so I avoid them now.

the thin wallet

tell me about it .

i wish i had not purchased the sausage roll out of the hot pie cabinet on sunday afternoon.

still if cooking chicken on the barbie , stick it in the micro wave first then finish it off on the barbie .

a few raids on outlet and check the tempreture of food stored .

Open Gov

Good for tourism eh?

No word on the culprit, perhaps we should know?

Name and shame, it s what visitors would expect, us locals can't expect that, can we???

Why don't the JEP make an information request??

Sam and Ella

Asking who was responsible is surely just idle curiosity getting the better of inquisitive islanders. This could have been hushed up nicely and put to bed with a blanket "Lessons have been learned" closure.


I am not being inquisitive - I just feel that seeing I have heard on the news on the way home today that the source of the outbreak has closed their business voluntarily - they should let Islanders know - what if you have infected product in your freezer from the same source and you use the product a few weeks down the line - a concerned Islander

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