Drivers clocked at 100 mph on the Avenue

FIVE drivers were recently recorded speeding at more than 100 mph - with one clocking 115 mph - along Victoria Avenue, new data has revealed.


FIVE drivers were recently recorded speeding at more than 100 mph - with one clocking 115 mph - along Victoria Avenue, new data has revealed.

The released figures - which also showed around 60% of Avenue drivers were speeding - follow calls for a reduction in the speed limits on many roads across the Island.

The latest figures come from data recorded on a smiley face road sign, which registers a driver's speed and the date and time.

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Comments for: "Drivers clocked at 100 mph on the Avenue"

Former Jersey Teenager

Wow...... no wonder my insurance is so expensive! :O

Can someone explain how dropping the speed limit is going to stop this type of thing happening?

EMERGENCY RESPONSE VEHICLES and june moonlight sprint

there's a fair chance it would be 999 police motorbike or car responding to emergency or the moonlight sprint held in june.


You can be sure they won't have thought about that. Wonder what times these speeds were recorded, it's impossible to do even 40 most of the time as you get boxed in by people in each lane doing 30!


A Police Honda 'Dullville' clocking over a ton..? No chance! :-)


The police bikes are Pan-Europeans, easily capable of 100mph.


Oh but a 30mph would solve this immediately!

The smiley face signs are an invitation to speed. What young lad (sorry for stereotyping) doesn't want to see that little green face get terribly upset and see their speed up in bright red letters?!

Speed kills, we know this. But in Jersey we have a far greater issue with a ridiculously low overall standard of driving. Indicators aren't an optional extra; stopping on a main road to let someone else pull out; whilst incredibly polite, can be lethal when done with a line of traffic behind you; stopping on roundabouts to let people pull out is just plain stupid...

I could go on. We've all experienced these elements of Jersey driving and they need to stop. Reducing speed limits and smiley faces won't make any difference.

Tony B

Courtsey is only lethal if those behind are travelling to close or to fast,


AMBULANCE, paramedic car?? police motorbikes? all emergencies in west of island would have emergency response vehicles with siren and blue lights going along victoria avenue.



Consider someone stopping on a two way road to let a driver out of a junction who wants to turn right. The driver approaching from the opposite direction within the speed limit hits the car pulling out. Nothing to do with driving too close or too fast and still potentially lethal. The road has its priority system for everyones safety. Once well intentioned ‘do-gooders’ decide to re-write those rules serious incidents can happen.

Tony B

It is incumbent on the vehicle turning on to the carraigeway to ensure it safe. So still nothing to do with the considerate driver.

Fu Manchu

The one who emerges from the turning with benevolent gesture must pay heed to oncoming vehicle in lane which would be not be traversed but for the effective reversal of the give way at the behest of the other one who wishes to display misplaced motor-generosity.


That's true about the incumbent but the considerate driver is being nothing of the sort to the 20 or so cars now queuing up behind him/her because our incumbent driver has to wait for someone approaching from the other direction to also be (in)considerate.

Face it, if you stop to let someone out and there’s someone behind you then you’re not being considerate you’re just choosing who gets right of way and that’s best left to the system.

Holding office

The incumbent driver must hold office in order to assert authority over those who would otherwise be obliged to give way- when such official status is conferred, it becomes incumbent on the other to give way to the incumbent.


I realise the error. What's important is you got the point. Seeing as there's no relevant response I'll take it you did.


Well, the one who emerges from the right of way will always take precedence over the minor road. 20 or more cars behind will also take priority over the one who gives way from the right. The incumbent motorist will find the highway code.

Fed Up

Spot on outsider.

The amount of people who let others out when no need and wave people out when others are coming the other way is ridiculous.

Drivers caught doing that sort of thing more than twice should have their licences revoked and forced to take a test again.

You could have a speed limit of 20MPh all it means is that more people speed overe the limit.

Raise the limit and less people are caught speeding

UK Student

The pace of life is slower here old chap, I never let people out at junctions before moving over here but that soon changed when I came to Jersey. This isn't London!

Whatever goes around comes around - it could easily be you stuck at a a junction trying to get out! You wouldn't complain if someone lets you out.

The constant lowering of speed limits must stop though - it encourages laziness. A good driver can judge the road and determine a safe speed to drive at.


Sorry, but speed does not kill. Deceleration kills. Driving too fast for the road conditions or not paying attention increases the likelihood of loosing control of the vehicle and experiencing excessive deceleration.

Tony B

A old saw I was told, contnuosly whilst learning. 'Any fool can drive fast, it is the stopping takes the skill'. Or in dry weather 'Only a fool breacks the two second rule' and in wet weather 'A bigger fool breacks the four second rule'. And if you have 'Anti Lock Braking' be extra careful! Most of the near acidents I've had driving heavy veichles is when you are nearly at a standstill, one wheel slips and the system unlocks all the brakes. You don't even have the option of cadence braking.


This is incredibly alarmist news. Since the identity of the offenders are not logged, there is a vital question we need to ask - could they be police vehicles?


Speed cameras, also I believe that Police have a car with a built in camera, they can go out at night and keep moving to catch the little darlings


It's not just at night time, I've been driving in the Avenue during the day, on the speed limit 40mph, and some drivers just pass my car with wings... it's not acceptable

40 is adequate, even on the Avenue.

It is acceptable to the speeders. They all say as much on here.

You must be a flat capped Honda Jazz driving fuddy duddy like me who can't grasp the concept of common sense! There is no room for us in high speed broadband breakneck Jersey.

Successful people speed and choose appropriate cars. The Devil take the hindmost. Jersey has no time for tardy laggards.


Sure the honouraries have nothing better to do than sit and catch these people.

The fines would be a great source of income and all paid from local low-lifes


well a frown is 10 points...


Life time ban.

Tony B

OVER 100mph, automatic ban in UK. Plus the knock on that the court can order an extended test (One and a half Hours) before licence is returned.

Jersey Boy

No Tony B - 30pmh over the advertised speedlimit is a ban in the UK. How many were clocked at over 70mph on the Avenue??

Tony B

No Mon V, The 30 mph over is discretionary. The 100 mph is you walk! Though it should be pointed the Maximum limit relates to conditions in which that speed is safe. Sometimes 20 mph can be lethal. I know roads in Jersey and UK that have a 40 mph limit. If you did that speed though you'd be tired of living.

just a local

Remember the Golden Rule:- If you have enough gold, don't worry about the rules...

C Le Verdic

No doubt all driven by the island's, if not the world's, most capable drivers (in their own estimation).

What I find worrying is that there is a statistical overlap of those who can't get their act together in roundabouts and junctions, don't know how wide their car isn't in country lanes and can't reverse to save their life. Some must belong in both categories. Very worrying.


Well this proves that the road can handle the speed so no reduction in speed is required. Job done move on and waste money elsewhere please.

and how many thousand doing 35 mph

no doubt these few speeders will be used as an excuse for more ridiculous speed reductions all over the island.

Good Judgement

However many thousand there are, they are the ones who are doing more or less the right speed for most Jersey roads. The former 'about right' 40mph is seriously outdated now that there are so many more vehicles on island roads (airbags and better brakes irrelevant).

Bless the thousands of 35ers and their overwhelming show of good judgement. They are the ones whose driving habits should dictate any change in the rules, not the speeders.

I Pasdenom

Good Judgement,

"...Bless the thousands of 35ers and their overwhelming show of good judgement..."

The suggestion that driving at 35mph shows good judgement is, by itself, ignorant.

40mph could be judged perfectly safe on one occasion, and 20mph could be judged perfectly safe on another. Good judgement comes from making a decision based on the conditions on the day, not simply accepting and keeping to an upper limit.

People need to separate 'speed' from appropriate driving.

Every day I see bad driving at well below the speed limit, most accident occur below the speed limit.

T&TS meddle with the speed limits because it's something they can be seen to be doing; it's pathetic.

Until some action is taken on preventing the cause of accidents (bad driving) anything done to speed limits can only be regarded as either retarded thinking, of a revenue exercise


We should reduce the speed limit to 30mph. That would, of course, put a stop to all the people doing 100mph+

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

I can't say I'm surprised; people drive like aggressive, selfish idiots, everywhere in Jersey at all times...

And it's not just "boy racers"; everyone's at it: well-off 'pillars of the community' in their BMWs and Mercedes; 'important' middle-class people in their over-sized 4x4s; 'salt of the earth' building-industry van drivers and so on and so forth...

0-60 ;)

Sounds like someone is a bit jealous of other peoples cars. a lot of people work hard to have "their BMWs and Mercedes" as they have a passion for cars and enjoy taking them away to make use of that power on track days etc, which they enjoy. Calling them "important middle-class people" or "pillars of the community" just sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder! people saying these cars should be limited on their power and speed obviously have no concept of this. Not all people with "their BMWs and Mercedes" drive like idiots.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

I'm not at all jealous of other people's cars! I quite like my own car actually!

The point I was making was that it's not just 'boy racers' who drive like idiots; the fact is that I see people from all walks of life, driving aggressively and selfishly (after all, I did mention the 'salt of the earth' building-industry van drivers did I not?).

The reason I described those people as "important middle-class people", "pillars of the community", and "salt of the earth" etc., is because I was highlighting the fact that many people often like to portray themselves as 'upstanding' and 'law-abiding' yet selfishly reject the laws of motoring just because it suits them. Those people are often quick to pour vitriol on other law breakers in our community but, somehow, it is okay for them to wantonly break the law with regard to driving on public roads. Pure hypocrisy I call it...

If you are a nice, middle-class person, with a BMW, or a 4x4, but drive courteously and within the law, then I say "good on you". Also, I never said that those cars should be limited on their speed and power; I just think people should learn to drive them properly, and, if they break the laws of the road, they should be prosecuted. I'm not being totally unreasonable am I?

Warren J

While I appreciate that there are some very fast cars and bikes on this island, I doubt the integrity of this data.

Having touched 130 mph myself on a couple of occasions, once on a 600cc bike and the other in a BMW 325i you need a longer road than Victoria Avenue to reach such a speed, mindful that this road has two sets of traffic lights

However, the authorities will use this flawed data to hammer the ordinary motorist going about his daily business,

Island Monkey

You obviously haven't been on a bike. My bike can go from a standing start to 100 in 5 seconds. Never done that in Jersey but on the continent 150 in just over 12 seconds is easy.


You definitely don't need a longer road.


good get rid of all these porches bmws audis im am sure these sellers will be happy


Warren, was your 600 firing on all 4?

I've done 100+ through the tunnel.


Must have been a single :-)


Single wheel, rear to start front to finish !!

I Pasdenom

Warren J,

There may well be obvious flaws to the data, but there is no doubt that these sort of speeds would be easily achieved.

From the lights at First Tower to the west end of the Lower Park is more than ¼ mile, even a modest Ford Fiesta will be approaching 100mph if driven with intention.

A modern equivelent the 325i you drove would be the 328i with a smaller 2L engine, it could be doing 100mph+ by the time it got to Tyneville Lane, and still brake to a standstill before getting to where the Police tend to do their speedcheck from behind the wall of the Lower Park.

Car Wally

Eh? The 328 is obsolete and had a 2.8 litre engine, not a 2 litre.

It was replaced by the 330 with, yes you've guessed it, a three litre mill!

I Pasdenom

Car Wally,

328i IS a current model (F30 2012 model year onward) with 1997cc engine.

The 330i and 325i currently available are only available in coupe and convertibles as they're on an older (E92/3) platform both the 330i and 325i have 2996cc engines.

Regardless of which of these you were to use the result would still be an easy 100mph+ in the space we're talking about.

Anoraks anonymous

Not really a proper 328 as most would understand it. It's like calling a 125cc motorcycle a 500.

Still, the marketing obviously works on some! :)


BMW long ago broke the link between model numbers and engine size. A 318 used to be 1.8 litres, a 325 2.5 litres but as I Pasdenom says below you can't read anything into these numbers anymore.

Chris Cheeps

Yes, there have been exception over the years with the BMW models, for example, an early E46 323i was 2.5 litre and some of the 318 models were 2 litre. An E90 335i is only 3 litre but does have twin turbos....

The situation now, however, has become a marketing tool with the latest models. A proper 328i will have a 2.8 engine. The marketing people may well put a 328 badge on a 2 litre, 4 cylinder model, but such a car is not and cannot ever be, a true 328.

Right, I'm off for a ride now on my CB900F which is fitted with a tuned 50cc engine to get round the moped laws.....


Reducing the speed limits is going to have what effect?

'FIVE drivers were recently recorded speeding at more than 90 mph – with one clocking 105 mph – along Victoria Avenue, new data has revealed'

Great idea.


was there any accidents through this

I Pasdenom

Last accident I can think of that happened on the Avenue where speed was the main cause rather than lack of care etc. was the WPC who put her Police car through the wall at Bel Royal in the 30mph zone!

I think there have been a couple of other accidents in the 40mph zone, but these were distracted drivers rear-ending cars in traffic or hitting lamp posts.


I fail to see how applying a blanket lowering of speed limits will make any difference to lunatics like this. If they exceed the speed limits around the island by this much what makes the authorities think they'll take any notice of a lower limit? The only people to suffer will be ordinary law abiding motorists.

The best solution is to enforce the existing speed limits, properly.


they think we are all stupid they want speed cameras big money for

Archie Rondel

What's the point of the "smilies" clocking nutters speeding at over 100 mph if there is no chance of a prosecution. If ever we needed a speed camera on the Avenue ,now is the time. I work with some of these " nutters" and they inform me how they get away with avoiding detection. Simples of thier mates parks on layby number 1 , the other parks on the burger bar. Mobile phones are the secret. ..Check there are no police cars on the avenue and the green light is given to race, more often than not , 2 abreast . Using the lights at La Motte Ford as thier " go" signal, then wham they go off like s**t off a shovel.

First to reach the lights at West Park is the winner. Simples.

Now officer, go get them.

md. cloy

To mucht fast and furious movies in that head....

Ring ring..... time to wake up!

Mark Olver

Whilst I have no doubt some drivers speed punishing every one is just a money making excercise because most drivers will break in reduction in new speed limits unless they are walking? When will the island government stop this constant endeavour to raise money by punishing most islanders with these camouflaged tax's.


If "around 60% of Avenue drivers were speeding" during the monitored period, one can reasonably assume that this is the norm ... which begs the question, why aren't the police catching them? or is it simply because most aren't stupid enough the exceed the limit when a hi-vis police presence is there. Time to get sneaky or give up moaning, all the speed limit signs in the world won't make a difference if the laws aren't policed. There's a 30mph limit from the tunnel to West Park, a route I use regularly. It's a very unusual day not to get overtaken in the underpass, there's never a visible police presence there either!

Safe to speed

Not so long ago people were moaning about the police nicking speeders in the underpass and everyone was very wary for a while.

Can we assume that it is now safe to speed there? If safe is the right word to use in a potentially dangerous situation.


I'm sure the 5 drivers are likely to have been trying to get the speed sign to as high a speed as possible, perhaps if it wasn't there, thy would not have been tempted?

As for 60% of people speeding, how about not setting the lights so that if your travelling from beaumont to town you get to stop potentially 6 times between there and the tunnel! People speed due to frustration with the time it's taking them to complete their journey,. Ive actually started cycling to work in the last month or so as I am fed up with the traffic issues.


Good for you has nobody twigged yet the whole point is to drive the motorist off the roads seems it is working well. Then taking Mr JEC suggestion make fuel even more expensive will clear a few more, so the rich and powerful can enjoy uncluttered roads to drive on.

Funny in the UK they put the price of electricity up to subsidise green power anybody fancy a 1.5 pence a unit rise to help you burn less :) I am certain the treasury minister will oblige.


Those smiley faces actually encourage people to speed, they are pointless.

They also are very often not accurate and these stats don't take into account police cars etc


and how many accidents have there been in this time related to speed (not drink driving etc). This just proves that there is nothing wrong with the speed limit. if anything it should be 50mph. If someone wants to speed they will.

Concentrate on the poor drivers on mobile phones etc like the majority of people seem to realise!


Why aren't these people jailed , I know it's wrong but this is worse than theft , as this can kill people , points and a fine do me a favour , the LAW wants to wake up .


Cause they were on their way to save lives?


A very valid comment above, were any of these 100mph + vehicles emergency services.

Its perfectly feasible that at least a couple of these reading were Police cars responding to something at silly o'clock in the morning with no other traffic. Problem, I don't think so, again just proves the tarmac can handle it.

It all so proves that raw biased information in the wrong hands is extremely dangerous!

Always in a hurry

Everone in Jersey that drives Always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere.Do they know something that I dont??I wish I knew this destination they all speed to!They tailgate you overtake in tight situations total disregard for other road users,Ther should be a banning stystem not the pathetic little fines given out.


I am in a hurry!

Yes I have somewhere to be, hence why I'm on the road and I'd prefer to be there rather than behind you! If your not doing the speed the limit or close to it and have no where to be or a care in the world then get of the way of those of us that do.

Eco Warrior

Not my problem!

Whoa There

Have you tried London? It could be more your kind of place. Even Portsmouth. You won't have to go far from the proverbial morning ferry to find drivers in one hell of a hurry.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

That's a stupid attitude considering you don't have any more of a right, to use the public road, than anyone else does.

From now on, if I see anyone behind me, who seems in a hurry, I'm going to deliberately drive slowly just to be annoying. hopefully you will be one of the people I will cause to slow down; and, you know what, I couldn't care less how much of a hurry you are in!

I Pasdenom

Mjolnir de Jersiaise,

Stupid attitude? I disagree, if you're content dawdling along then getting out of the way of faster moving traffic with more of a purpose seems perfectly reasonable.

I'm sure you'd do this were there an ambulance trying to pass? Good tractor drivers do this when they're holding up traffic, and a good cyclist should do this also on narrow roads.

Stupid would be what you suggest you're planning to do; but as you admit you're selfish and deliberately obstructive. Regardless of your driving capability these attributes alone should prevent you holding a licence.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

I Pasdenom:

As it happens, I'm one of the people who always drives at maximum safe speed, and I'm perfectly at ease driving at high speeds in the UK and on the continent. I also tend to agree that it is irritating when people crawl along at 20mph when they could easily do 30mph, in a 30 zone, or 40mph in a 40 zone. However, there are many reasons why some people do not feel confident about driving at higher speeds (old, ill etc) but I don't think that necessarily means that "THEY SHOULDN'T BE ON THE ROADS". I just put up with them.

However, if I'm doing 40mph, in a 40mph road, and some idiot is six inches from the back of my car, aggressively trying to intimidate me into breaking the law (which happens very often) then I find that far more irritating than the occasional slow driver. And yes, I would be tempted to slow down a bit, just to annoy them.

But sorry to disappoint you, I won't be losing my license any time soon; I'm a qualified Advanced Driver and have a confidence that comes from a lot of driving experience, in all sorts of adverse conditions, in the UK and elsewhere.

However, I won't be intimidated into breaking the law by you or anyone else...

I Pasdenom

Mjolnir de Jersiaise,

"As it happens, I’m one of the people who always drives at maximum safe speed..."

Until now, as you've stated specifically you're going to drive deliberately slowly in future with the sole purpose of annoying following drivers.


Who are you quoting, I never said this, and I don't see any such quote elsewhere in this thread??

"...However, if I’m doing 40mph, in a 40mph road, and some idiot is six inches from the back of my car, aggressively trying to intimidate me into breaking the law (which happens very often)..."

"very often"!? I've spent years driving for a living in Jersey/UK/Europe, strictly at the limits and I don't recall this ever having happened; maybe you just attract aggression for some odd reason?

"...I won’t be intimidated into breaking the law by you or anyone else…"

That sounds like you think I would try to intimidate you into breaking the law! To be clear, I've made no such suggestion and wouldn't expect it to happen in the future, I find it strange that this has happen to you with such regularity when it's not something I've really seen or experienced, I hope you don't break the law; but that doesn't change the fact that your plan to be deliberately obstructive is stupid.

Always in a hurry

Hello "I am in a hurry" you are obviously a tailgater that thinks you own the road with your attitude.I do obey the speed limit and do keep up with traffic flow.This island is 9m x 5 miles what is your hurry?I see your type overtake me when I am respecting the speed limit and at the next junction I am behind you! What have you proved-nothing but Rude Driving.Always be in a hurry and you will soon be caught-new speed restrictions coming soon so I am not alone with my thinking.


What speed are you doing? Because if these people are just doing a perfectly safe (and legal) speed for the road and the conditions then YOU are in the wrong.

If YOU are unable to do the speed limit OR do close to the highest safe speed for the road and the conditions (whichever is the lowest) then it is YOU who shouldn't be on the road.

And that is the thing, there are some drivers in Jersey who still have their licence, yet they insist on driving at 20mph in 40mph zones even when the conditions are perfectly safe for 40mph. Such drivers need to have their licences removed as they are proving that they are unable to properly handle their vehicle.

Grumpy Old Woman

Always in a hurry - you don't drive a Honda Jazz by any chance I suppose?


Si makes a good point...

How many times on the avenue have you been stuck in the outside lane with a driver who is doing 25-30 think they are turning off...but no they stay in the outside lane until the burger van...and then seem unable to grasp the concept of filter in turn....

This for me is much more dangerous than driving at 4 or 5 miles above the speed limit....

And I suspect Si drives a Porsche....... :-)


It isn't the Honda Jazz drivers that cause problems. It's the Porsche Cayenne types who panic when another car comes towards them.

p.s. I don't own a Jazz but a Honda sports car, though I've been in a Jazz and they seem to be very practical cars for the island.


Maybe the fact that 60% of road users were over the speed limit, and that there wasn't an extortionate amount of crashes, shows that It would in fact be safe to raise the speed limit on the avenue to 50, as well as the fact that 60% of people are basically voting that the speed limits are too low on jersey.


Oh my, How foolish to think that people breaking the law are "basically voting"

the fact that 60% of people break the law indicates that the law is not enforced correctly and there is little fear of being caught.

If 60% of people are burgled in their lifetime, you have just claimed that theft should be legalised. How random!

What percentage of people breaking the law should, in your esteemed opinion, make that law obsolete?


How foolish is to think that some guy in TTS setting global 40mph limit for the Jersey once was ompipotent as Good and couln't make a misjudgement, and whatever he decided has to be obeyed forever.

Apparently 60% of people doing more than 40mph on the Avenue seem to have different point of view of what is safe speed there. And since there was no increased numbers accidents on the Avenue recently they seem to be right.

What percentage of people breaking the law in your esteemed opinion should spark the idea that the law is not adequate to the real life scenarios and should get amended?


What percentage of people breaking the law should require the law to be amended?

Zero! No one should break the law.

If people feel the law is not adequate, they should lobby for a change. Only a fool would break the law hoping that their actions will bring about change.

Do you seriously believe that paedophiles should have sex with more underage children? They feel that the law regarding age of consent is not adequate for their needs and should be amended!

Do you really feel that people should break the law to get what they want?



You apparently need to redo maths classes if you cannot see the difference between few paedophiles and 60 percent of Avenue users which is thousands of drivers. Thousands of drivers safely ignore stupid law, without causing any harm. Or perhaps you are suggesting that 60% of us are paedophiles or/and burglars, are you?

People DO feel that the speed limit on the Avenue is inadequate, hence they are ignoring it. At least 60% of the drivers.

Having such a results of speed test in any given place someone smart would propose to put the limit up somewhat, as such a large number of drivers exceeding it and not causing any accidents clearly shows that current limit is too low.


Your comment is a rare example of use of common sense here.

C Le Verdic

'Your comment is a rare example of use of common sense here.'

No, It just proves how subjective so called 'common sense' really is, if you think that it is an example of it.


Has anyone considered the possibility that it was the same driver trying to better their score on each occasion?

Maybe these signs encourage speeding.

Finding Me;Mo

And the timings are suspicious as well ! This could well be the same shift worker going to or from work , especially the 6.30am ones. Perhaps they know that there is a change of police shift at that time or even more perversely....


(ALWAYS IN A HURRY)maybe if you got out of second gear and let people do the write speed we woudnt be overtaking you.

Always in a hurry

Hello tj

You are obviously one of those-

"Tailgate I own the road"- persons with that attitude.

I do not stay in second gear I just obey the speed limits unlike persons like you that think to tailgate some people will will make them go faster because you want them to.

I will not be intimadated by your kind to break the speeding laws for your satisfaction!

Island ( 9 mile by 5 mile) where do you think you are going to get any faster-GET A LICENCE-Is -Victoria Avennue your M1 -Motorway -You are a Laugh

Simple Sid

Lowering the speed limit will not make a blind bit of differance to these culprits there needs to be limiters on high performance cars

Simple Sid

I only drive a short distance to work and back and daily see drivers on mobiles, drinking coffee and I have even seen some eating a baguette while driving, de we have traffic cops? Mobile usage while driving is a massive problem!


Completely agree, I walk to work and constantly see people using their mobiles. I do wonder what can be THAT important for the need to or make a call there and then while in charge of something that can kill....

C Le Verdic

'I only drive a short distance to work and back and daily see drivers on mobiles, drinking coffee and I have even seen some eating a baguette while driving'

Why not?

The human brain has probably got the capability to multi task far more than just these few extra tasks. However, it probably needs advanced training in order to do it well.

Therefore it is probably not a good idea yet for the less skilled to drive too fast while multi tasking without adequate training.


The smiley faces are a sign of our namby pamby culture. It is like telling a career criminal he is a very naughty boy, then expecting him to get upset and mend his wicked ways. Lord help us if this is what we have become.

Z. Larsen

I don't think this is just 'boy racers' giving it some stick on the avenue. There are more AMG's ,M3 ,Astons, Porsches, Ferraris etc over here than you can shake a stick at. All capable of 115mph on a empty Avenue at night.

I am more concerned about ignorant motorists poodling around at 20mph oblivious to their surroundings and unable to accelerate away after they pull out on you.

Blue Knight

What is needed is static cameras placed along Victoria Avenue and other speeding 'hot spots'.

Also take the policing of speeding partly away from the police and give the responsibility to s camera safety unit manned by non police officers. They don't need police powers to deal with these offences.

Notices would be sent to the registered keepers of vehicles asking them who was driving at the time of a speeding offence, then when this information has been gleaned, a summons could be sent to the offender.

The only evidence needed would be the footage from the camera, along with a statement from the operator, or person who downloaded the film.

Consideration should also be given to allowing fixed penalty notices to be given for certain speeding offences. I imagine this idea won't go down well with the Honorary Police, as they want to be able to use discretion at a Parish Hall Enquiry. Nvertheless, a fixed penalty system would bring more consistent justice and it would be a more efficient and quicker method of dealing with this type of occurrence.

Most of all the above system would deter speeding and potentially save lives and reduce injury on the island's roads.


What rubbish,,,,these ugly things are just for getting money out of motorists ...they are being removed in the U.K. those that still haven't been trashed that is...this clone like establishment thinking is sick.

The Thinker

My friend you need to keep up to date with what's happening in the UK. Following complaints two years ago a number of counties 'mothballed' their devices - basically kept them installed but turned them off. Now a number of these counties are switching them back on again.

The right speed detection device in the right place is a great asset and reduces speed / accidents etc. Having said that many county councils did abuse them and were using them as a means to collect tax.

Driving as I have around the UK there are great differences in numbers of these devices. In Jersey I believe that one or two devices could be purchased and used in various locations - preferably with dummy boxes fitted as default.

Of course the big issue is the speed at which the device is triggered and its normally this that causes all the arguments.

C Le Verdic

It would be no good having dummy boxes without also having dummy cases in the magistrates Court. The Jersey public would soon wise up after never seeing a case reported and the only people slowing down would be visitors. Most of them are used to the speed limit in built up areas being 30 so wouldn't do more than 40 in Jersey anyway. Very few roads in the UK which are comparable with Victoria Avenue, having frequent traffic lights and junctions, are de-restricted and 40 is not at all uncommon on urban dual carriageways.

Most of Jersey's speeders are probably home grown and do it because familiarity breeds contempt.

Blue Knight

Zoro, that's your view and you are entitled to it. There are easier ways to get money from motorists, such as making everone who uses a motor vehicle pay an excise duty, or putting a higher tax on fuel.

Catching speeders is supposed to educate them. Here in the U.K. errant motorists can opt for a speed awareness course instead of a fine. The whole idea is to deter speeding which is a major contributory factor in serious collisions.


But Blue is also an easy catch for the policeman and looks good on their conviction record.

As an ex policeman you should acknowledge this goes on and has for a long time....

Easy prey easy target ....

mark jehan

You don't need lower speed limits. you need better inforcement and when court heaver fines. 15mph over limet 24 month ban. 20mph over lifetime ban and vehicle seized and sold by the authorities Repete offenders life time ban after third time.


How about we execute people who drive while on a lifetime ban?

If they get caught driving again after their execution, we can kill all their family until they learn that driving fast is the most evil thing ever.

Sensible driver

Great suggestion. If you are rich enough to own a performance car in Jersey, speeding fines at the moment are seen as just another minor tax.


Thank god you're not in charge.


What about hinging and flagging?


yes people who stop on roundabouts to let others out should be fined ,the purpose of a roundabout is to keep the flow of traffic moving !


O.K if the cops can't catch them,they are regularly wheelspinning out of Bel Royal car park....this is a cynical ploy to enhance the transport policy which is a farce,the traffic crawls now,,,,suddenly Chris Ambler who wants us for obvious reasons in electric cars suddenly wants us to pay even more...who pulled his chain..? people this is a stitch up...Govt...we are not all stupid.


I caught (on camera) some dangerous driving today. The man on his motorcycyle, with female passenger holding on, was averaging between 10 and 15 miles BELOW the speed limit, yet he displayed some of the most dangerous driving I have ever seen from a motorcyclist on Jersey.

One of the 2000 - gis a job

I was proceeding gently up St.Aubin's Hill some time ago and the smiley sign flashed some silly numbers at me, like 80+, which was quite funny considering I was well within the limit. So that's another angle to consider, are the readings genuine? I can well believe it, having said that :)


When I proceed up Beaumont hill the smiley face flashes 100+ and I'm doing 25mph, bit annoying really as the girlfriend has a right go at me till she realises we are actually doing the speed limit haha.

I Pasdenom

It's probably clocking a cyclist coming down the hill!

norman conquest

Yes very true. I was clocked at 99 mph by the one in the harbour, when I was only doing about 15 mph. Not sure how good these smiley face things really are?


Really, this headline should read "emergency vehicles go fast to attend emergencies".

I think the JEP headline writer has unfortunately distracted everyone from the real story, which is the systemmatic speeding by the majority of drivers. Or the real-er (?) story, as hinted at by Outsider above and others, that the standard of driving overall in Jersey is pretty poor. Playing around with the actual speed limits is irrelevant to road safety but it makes people responsible feel that they are doing something.


100 mph in Jersey is crazy. None of the roads are safe enough for that speed. Decreasing the speed limit wont make any difference. This is careless driving putting other people in danager. Anyone going at this speed should have their license taken away. Forever. End of story.


Please englighten me to how the roads are not safe for 100mph, when every october the Jersey Rally takes place. These nutters are doing a 100mph+ in green lanes so I'm sure the roads are fine.


easy, the roads are closed by the club and authorities, so the drivers know when they go speeding around a corner or pulling a ton on the straights, there wont be a cyclist or a couple of horses in the middle of the road,


Funny you should say horses. I had to get a couple of horses off a live stage.

norman conquest

And there wont be horses or cyclist in the middle of the road on the avenue either.

I Pasdenom

"...The released figures – which also showed around 60% of Avenue drivers were speeding..."

Released where by who? I can't find any data released on the States website.

Verified by who?

This is just bad reporting of questionable statistics.

60%? Including all that slow moving traffic during the 'rush' to work in the morning?

Utterly meaningless figures being reported for effect.

V Dub

The smiley faces are a joke, I will admit that I do laugh when I cause the face to go sad, it is an invitation for speed. Furthermore reducing the speed limits are only going to provoke more people to exceed the limit. I think everyone who has passed their dirving test is capable of finding the brake when they need to. Keep the speed limits the same, if not increase them, therefore less people will be encouraged to go faster.


No stats on the number of accidents caused by the speeders either.

If zero a lateral thinker might say we could put the limit up on the avenue.


When I read this headline my initial thought was that the high speeds could have been caused by emergency vehicles legitimately...and perhaps the occasional driver/rider trying to see how high he/she can get 'smiley' up to...


This has nothing to do with speeding..just another Govt .ploy warming you up for yet another money grabbing initiative ,soon you'll have fines via number plate recognition to use the ring road,it will be tarted of course and called a congestion charge,congested as the traffic moves so bloody slowly aided and abetted by a bogus speed campaign, I guess you'll all sleepwalk right into that one as well.wakey wakey

Peter Titterington

Definitely get a speed camera and then auction off the car. These idiots would soon stop.

There are still races that go on at night, I cant believe nothing ever gets done to stop it.

David Rotherham

Where has your headline writer been for the last half century? When I was a little boy, only rich men's grand tourers and bad boys' 750cc bikes could break the ton. So this would have been news back then. When I was a teenager, family cars could cruise at over the ton. This would not have been much news. When I was a young man, little hatchbacks could cruise at 110, and this wouldn't have been news at all. Now I am a bit grey to even claim middle-age, even my family workhorse jeep would probably do 115 if I really tried. So; big deal!

These might have been silly speeds in the age of skinny tyres and drum brakes, but on an empty road in a post 1980 car, they are way within what the car is designed for. Much Ado About Nothing, as the Bard said.

Morris Minor MM 918

The problem of road safety is more pronounced when it comes to the Honda Jazz "flat cap" models. Indicators are not fitted to this model and it is not capable of exceeding 25 miles per hour

No flashers needed, I'm flash already

It's got a lot in common with the BMW "Business Suit" models, then. Apart from the speed restrictor.

Tractor Driver

I drive a tractor and trailer that cannot exceed 20mph, frequently I am eventually overtaken by Hondas Jazzes (occasionally Sirions) who having 'dirtied themselves' with shock ,then slam their brakes on as they cut in infront of me. Have you ever tried to emergency stop a loaded tractor and trailer with a silly little car infront of you that has just taken your braking space from 50m to 1.5m !!

Slow stupidity is as equally bad as high speed stupidity.

One of the 2000 - gis a job

In my experience of the avenue and the placement of the camera in question on the long straight from First Tower to West Park, I would bet that these readings were from high powered motorbikes who can easily reach such speeds very quickly, racing off from the traffic lights with a clear road ahead.

Given that it's comparatively rare to see pedestrians crossing along this stretch, I wouldn't really say it was the most dangerous act in the world, potential hazards would have been easily spotted with good visibility by the riders in question (this is, after all, the very stretch of road deemed safe enough for the 'moonlight sprints' in the motoring festival - albeit with a guarantee of no pedestrians crossing!).

Please don't jump to conclusions that it was motorists in cars that were at fault.


Jersey seems like a strange option of a place to make your home if you want to drive fast.

The UK and a lots of overseas countries allow you to drive faster and it's also cheaper to live there.

I've never seen the need to hammer it down the avenue at 100mph or go an extra 10mph over the limit just to get somewhere 3 minutes earlier.

You don't gain much and the police are waiting in the bushes, up a tree or behind a wall ready to catch you and give you a fine, add to that the risk of causing an accident(of which we have seen several recently).

Risk to reward doesn't add up for me.


But to those who are born here, it is our home, it is not a case of "making it your home", although I agree with the implication that those who are here by choice can always go elsewhere if they don't like it.


And what can they decrease the limit to before it matters to you? If they make it 5 miles per hour would that be okay with you?

Minor splitscreen

The agenda of those who release this sort of information through the media is to create a particular impression in order to justify something which they have in mind but which they do not wish to tell us about.

That something could be a new policing tactic, a new and expensive piece of equipment or the beginning of a campaign to lower the speed limit or otherwise harass the motorist. In reality, it is likely to encompass at least two of these unsavoury possibilities.

We see propaganda. Indeed, it might not even be true.

If, however, we afford these people the benefit of the doubt, then we see that five motorists are alleged to have driven at speed. In order to put this alarmist posturing into some sort of context, we might reasonably expect those who make the assertion to also disclose the general volume of traffic on that road.

Naturally, they have not done so and, in my anticipation, have no intention of doing so. We do not even know what period of time is under consideration. Was it one day or was it a couple of months?

more bull

Give me a break leave the limits alone take away the traffic lights and lets get on with our lives instead of taking in this sort of money making scam what rubbish,


Simply put a speed camera to go off at 50mph. End off.

The law says 40 so if you go over you pay! What s wrong with people?


Aha, but Kermit, they did this a few years back. set one for 45mph and put it in the underpass, (30mph zone)

They turned it on for an hour. Twice. And caught over 120 cars both times. They sent out fines in the post to the car owners.

It got brought up in the states because some deputy had got concerned OAP's contacting him saying that they had never done anything wrong and were afraid of going to prison. So the States voted against speed cameras.


Could you explain this further, please?

Are you saying that the police were issuing fines based upon the evidence of speed cameras?

There is no legal mechanism by which such a thing can be undertaken, as is apparent from the fact that the states voted against implementing the necessary laws.

I would be very interested to hear further details of what might have happened.

Jersey Motorist

I've not read all the resposnses so apologies if my thoughts have already been covered above.

First of all, a number of motorists were speeding - that is a fact. An equally true fact is that there were no accidents due to the speeding drivers.

I know the consequences of an accident (had one happened) would have been far greater but these headline grabbing statistics prove nothing as far as road safety is concerned.

The statistics quoted say that over 50% of motorists passing the smiley signs were speeding - I'm not surprised. Every time I went past I got a nice red frown ! But I have GPS fitted and that was telling me I was doing 40mph when the sign was telling me I was doing I was doing 43 or 44mph. Other smiley signs around the Island would tally my speed with the GPS speed. Did anyone test the accuracy of the Avenue sign before the statistics were released ? How would the numbers change if all drivers recorded at (say) 45 mph were assumed to be within the speed limit ? I suspect you might find the number of 'speeders' will drop to 20% or less and half of those will be taxi drivers.

I left work this evening and in the space of 200 yards I saw three cars - one seemed to have a total lack of clutch/throttle co-ordination as he wheel spun off a garage forecourt, one went straight through a red light and the third did an illegal u-turn. 100% of the vehicles I saw were committing motoring offences - far higher than the 0.1% (or whatever the actual number) driving at excessive speed on the avenue.

Can I suggest the sort of appalling driving standards that we all see daily needs more attention from the Police if road safety is to be improved.

Baz Du Mont

You say 'motorists' and 'drivers', which implies cars - but as someone said earlier, it just as likely (or more likely) to be a motorbike! Is this just another Anti-Car thing?

Biker Du Mont

More likely?

Is this just another Anti-Bike thing?

Mont des Roues

There's an idea, now you mention it. Why not?


Some native Islanders do not know the meaning of the national speed limit sign. Therefore it would be better to have all speed limit signs denote the numerical maximum speed limit to avoid an ambiguity.

Eco Warrior

Speed kills! Not so much discussion when it is ones own people who are involved. So, on a small island with narrow roads, think caution. I do not care how fast, slick or impatient people think they may appear, fast drivers are a danger to my people with a lethal weapon in their hands. If people do not understand that, then they should not be driving.

Eco and the Bunnymen

Er no! its de-acceleration that kills unless you're a hedgehog then its applied mass.

C Le Verdic

Now that is a comment worthy of being labelled 'common sense', albeit still subjective.

Well said, Eco Warrior.

I Pasdenom

Eco Warrior,

" drivers are a danger to my people with a lethal weapon in their hands..."

Slow drivers are also a danger. You can't eliminate the danger without eliminating the cause; and time and time again the speed limits are proven NOT to be the cause of accidents, and where speeding has resulted in the severity of an accident being greater it's generally because the speed was willfully in excess of the speed limit anyway.

Speed simply is not to blame and;

"...If people do not understand that, then they should not be driving", or commenting on things they don't understand.

Illegal Racer

I have seen police sitting on the avenue, if your doing over 120mph+ they dont bother chasing you. Its like being in Japan. Catch me if you can :)


More likely it was lads on high powered motor bikes.Often heard them down the avenue with a short burst of full throttle late at night/early morning, easy to reach over a 100mph in a few seconds.Putting a smiley face that changed to sad face a fraction over 40mph and speed indicator there was pretty dumb wasn't it? Who thought that one up? They must have guessed it would encourage this surely, so what was the true purpose?


Most of the responses here, refer to skill deficiency rather than speed being the problem.

Make everyone pass a motorcycle test and have to ride it for one year before being allowed to start to drive a car. You only really learn road skills and awareness from riding a motorbike.

Make a mistake in a car and it hurts your wallet. Make a mistake on a two-wheeler and it hurts or worse.

Think Berk

Great for the motorcycle trade but not practical except at Hendon Police College.

However, if they made all motorcyclists pass a car test first it might not be a bad idea. They would have to learn to behave responsibly on the road istead of flouting most rules including speed limits!

I Pasdenom


"...Make everyone pass a motorcycle test and have to ride it for one year before being allowed to start to drive a car You only really learn road skills and awareness from riding a motorbike..."

Utter nonsense! The display of poor road skills from motorcyclists (and cyclists) is at least on par, if not greater than car drivers.

"...Make a mistake in a car and it hurts your wallet. Make a mistake on a two-wheeler and it hurts or worse."

A very selfish statement don't you think? I don't think whether I'm hit by car or motorcycle is terribly different, as a pedestrian I'm still going to come off worse, and won't care about the cost financially of the driver/rider.

Last night in town none of the car drivers sat in traffic posed me any danger, but the two motorcyclists taking advantage of the stupid lowered curbs and riding along the inside of the traffic queue on the pavement did: such skill and awareness!


You obviously have never ridden a motorbike or you wouldn't spout such drivel. Bike riding teaches you skills and road awareness that someone who has only driven a car could never attain.