Bouley Bay fishermen in dispute with boat owners’ association

WITH its gently sloping pebble beach and spectacular views across to France, Bouley Bay may seem like one of the most peaceful places in Jersey.

Trouble has been brewing at Bouley Bay
Trouble has been brewing at Bouley Bay

WITH its gently sloping pebble beach and spectacular views across to France, Bouley Bay may seem like one of the most peaceful places in Jersey.

But two sets of boat owners have become involved a dispute so serious that a minister has been asked to personally visit the bay to ‘bring calm to the area’.

During States question time, Deputy Trevor Pitman revealed that a group of boat owners have clashed with commercial fishermen over a number of issues, particularly the use of a fresh water hose used to clean vessels and equipment.

He claimed that the dispute has hit such heights that the fishermen - a father-and-son team - have had their boat and equipment vandalised.

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Comments for: "Bouley Bay fishermen in dispute with boat owners’ association"


Interesting article.......There is now CCTV at a cost of circa £5000 following a number of issues at Bouley Bay involving these commercial fishermen. The water facility is owned and paid for by the boat owners association of which these particular commercial fishermen are not members and so do not have access. T he other half dozen commercial fishermen do not have any issues with the Boat owners association.

fracas in farmer cabot's back yard

gitt awff moi sea bed bahr cri


I thought Pitman's district was St Helier. What's he doing meddling in affairs in St John?


Hi Jane have you looked at a map lately ? I always believed Bouley bay was in Trinity Parish


Yes OK, you are quite right, I always get my Bonne Buits and Boulay Bays mixed up. However, my point being, whether it's Trinity or St Johns, why is Pitman meddling in affairs outside his district.

David Rotherham

Deputies are elected to serve as members of the States of JERSEY! Bouley Bay is in Jersey. So Deputy Pitman is an appropriate person to approach. I am not sure that Deputy Pryke is particularly well suited to this aspect of political work, and as the local Deputy is likely to have conflict of interest difficulties with knowing the parties, anyway

Deputy Trevor Pitman

'Jane' - why am I 'meddling' in this issue? because the public asked me to obviously. Politicians who actually have a reputation for helping people tend to attract such contacts. Probably explains why I have 'constituent' cases in every parish? Fact is this issue is in Trinity. The folk needed help live in St. Brelade. So what - I do all of this on top of my St. Helier constituent work. But pretty impressive for you to try and make this into a negative. Perhaps more useful to ask why don't so many people take their problems to Senators or their own parish representatives in the first place?

galicia spanish armada

ships damaged and floundering after the failed spanish armada of 1588, were washed up on jersey's north ports including bouley bay, leading to a number of spanish families becoming jersey families. GALICIA or being from galicia would make you a gallichan. remnants from the ships and there cargoes will still be on our seabed.

ormer road

intereseting, can i send my constable an invoice for mooring charges for his wrecked ship (with interest) from 1588 ? 425 years at the rate of 16 barrels of rum per year?. oh happy days!

Save our soles

Were the seamen foundering helplessly in the water as the ships floundered?

Might be worth the fishermen's while to trawl for treasure, though, instead of flatfish.


so when you're near me, darlin' won't ya' hear me SOS

Deputy Trevor Pitman

The fishermen have had equipment vandalised and this has been reported to both police and harbours. The introduction of the CCTV finally came about upon the intervention of Deputy Rob duhamel and myself and was actually installed at the fishermen's request to try and put an end to this.

The most disappointing thing in all of this is that harbours - through Alan MacLean's Economic Development department have let all of this go on for so long when it clearly could have been rectified very quickly with a firm hand and bringing the two parties together.

Farmer Geddon

And this has what exactly to do with your constituents, Deputy?

007 the spy who loved my lobster pots

intrigue and scullduggery down bouley


Trevor - understand you have made these statements re the disagreement to the press without speaking to both parties. Seems an odd way of "bringing both parties together. "

jaqueline bisset in THE DEEP

there must be a sunken treasure ship down there and nick nolte in short shorts.

LIGHTHOUSE full of little bottles...

and robert shaw and richard dreyfus comparing scars- I CAN BEAT THAT, lindy luff SHE BROKE MY HEART!

the bouley incident

i wonder if the're after the old lost smuggling tunnels under the hill. you can still hear the wind whine around a ventilation point but i've never managed to find them.


we're gonna need A BIGGER BOAT!


'manuel, if pirates come here wanting rum- tell them we have none'... i know nothing,...mister fawlty.


Deputy Pitman is making the fundamental mistake of making statements when he has only heard one side of the story. It is a matter of record that the BBBOA proposed the erection of CCTV cameras last year and even proposed footing the bill themselves in response to acts of vandalism occurring in the TRINITY Bay.


Deputy Pitman often makes fundamental mistakes. Why should he act differently on this occasion.


Couldn't have the fishermen just become members of the Owners Association thus having the same rights to the facilities as the other members?

Or, why couldn't harbours pay for the facilities (it is their harbour after all) and included the cost of providing these facilities in the mooring fees?

Or even just grow up?

pirates and buccaneers- mee hearties

ahhh jim lad, ...fetch me PARROT


This situtaion is not getting any better damageing boats could cost lives and yes they have been damaged, as for water the Association is blocking this plus parking never have i see such child like behaviour from so many, if your making a living from fishing which has been the case for many years Harbours should look after both partys but this is not the case sadly so they have failed,


Those people making a living from fishing, and probably have done for generations, should be given priority over the Hurrah Henry's and their pleasure craft.


Have you seen the boats at Bouley? Don't think these are Hooray Henrys.....

Capt Pugwash

Harhaa me hearties! Sounds like all this fuss is no more than a pi$$ in the ocean!

Give the fisherman another hose pipe, it would have been cheaper and easier than a £5k CCTV setup.

Whatever a CCTV is, after all I'm a sea fairing cartoon character who habits a small section of time just before the Six O'clock news.


Splice the main brace!


Government overthrown in Egypt. An earthquake in Indonesia. Hunger in much of the world.

We are lucky in Jersey, if this is considered newsworthy. Come on guys. Buy another water hose then you can have one each.

Deputy Trevor Pitman

That would be a good idea Pierre. If only they would let the fishermen use the water! As Crabs said such child-like behaviour. get together and sort it. Yet when the Department and the local constable won't even allow a meeting with both sides in the room at the same time...


I'm surprised to see dep Pitman contributing to a rag he apears to think is so libelous

By the way dep Pitman, what happened to the vastly ongoing expensive manned barrier to stop a few boy racers you advocated at the St Helier harbour, it apears a cheep sleeping policeman has now done the job?

Go back to sleep, Constable's Officer

What a heaven sent opportunity for the knockers of 'The Pitmans and their ilk' to show how mean minded they (the knockers) can be in their smug crusade againt their favourite whipping boys.

Where are the establishment politicians when someone other than property developers or tax avoiders need their help?


And the answer to my question is?

Or do you only complain ?