Hundreds of bikers make heroic effort for charity

HUNDREDS of bikers helped to raise more than £4,000 for Holidays for Heroes by taking part in a fundraising motorcycle ride at the weekend.

HUNDREDS of bikers helped to raise more than £4,000 for Holidays for Heroes by taking part in a fundraising motorcycle ride at the weekend.

An estimated 500 Islanders rode out on Sunday in support of the charity, which pays for ex-serviceman to holiday in Jersey.

The impressively large contingent of motorcycles set off from St Catherine at 11 am and travelled along the south coast to St Ouen’s Bay.

Organiser Lee Butler said that the group was so large it filled three-quarters of St Catherine’s breakwater, taking around 15 minutes to ride past one section of road.

• Pictures: Tony Pike

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Comments for: "Hundreds of bikers make heroic effort for charity"


Why was it heroic, or was that just a pun? I was very surprised, actually, by how little the 500 bikers raised (an average of slightly over £8 per biker). I suspect that it did not even cover the costs of everything: petrol, a contribution to 'wear and tear', disruption to other motorists and so on. Nice idea, but I am not sure that this was very well thought out or enacted.

Isla Bonita

It doesn't matter how much or little was raised. What matters is the fact that these bikers were willing to get off their butts and raise money for a charity. Not only money but awareness too. I think they did a fab job and I thought it was amazing to see them ride past. Long may they continue.

Filo Beddoe

Just put eight quid each in a jar

isla bonita

You've missed the point completely! Did you put any money in the 'Jar'? I did!

Filo Beddoe

Yes thanks. And I didn't need to make a show of doing it either!

miss taken

actually isla bonita they did not 'get off their butts' as the picture clearly shows.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

Ha Ha, nice one! That's the trouble with using cliches...


You sir, sound like one of those numpty cyclists that ride three abreast disrupting traffic. At least these guys on their bikes were out there for a good reason!

Did you give a donation? I bet not.

Concentrate your negativity on getting weekend tour de France cyclist banned from holding traffic up, that might be a good cause.

Charity ride cyclist

Pauper, Is it just cyclists you take issue with? Carrying on your argument, you would also ban horses (and their riders) on single lane roads, dog walkers walking down a narrow green lane with no easy passing place, pedestrians pressing the 'stop' button at pedestrian crossings, tractors in general, and buses stopping at bus stops as all are guilty at some stage of 'holding traffic up'.


I really cannot stand cyclists who blatantly cycle two and three abreast taking their time chatting to each other totally ignoring the build up of traffic behind. At least dog owners and pedestrians have the common sense to stand aside or walk behind each other.

Cyclists in general are fine, but there are those who think just because they wear some sort of Tour De France gear they can ignore the traffic behind.

spiritual warrior

Fantastic effort.Well done


it was a poor effort to raise £8 per person considering they ride for their pleasure anyway.

Charlie G

Poorer...Scrutineer...God's Mentor..etc. For goodness sake....freedom of speach or not, it takes a well meaning event ,like a simple charity run,to bring some of the nanny Island thinking out of the woodwork.

No matter what the total count came to, IT WAS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNT'S ....and so what,if they ride for their pleasure.As for the suggestion of any possible disruptions on the roads,so what,it's not as if mobile Charity events are an everyday Island occurrence.

Will the same sad thinking be shown,if the bikers decide to do do a run in aid of cancer,or children in need?

Let's hope that the same group of bikers ,organise another run FOR THOSE IN NEED, and (for a good cause) heaven forbid,disrupt the Islands clock work life,for all of maybe a few hours!...instead of negativity ,get involved and get a grip!

roger phlegm


If you are going to shout then at least try to make sense.

Fellow Biker


I think you'll you find it was a charity ride out, None of the bikers there would have given a thought to how much petrol or wear and tear they had...... The only thought was to raising a very good sum of money to help those more deserving.

What did you do apart from sit in your car and winge about a short delay?

And yes I was one of those bikers.....well done to all and may we all look forward to raising more money rides helping raise more money for worthy causes.

Maybe people like scrutineer should Try putting others before yourself


I do charity work as a volunteer every week; I donate to charity and, indeed, support H4H; I was just not very impressed by an event where the average person (who can afford to run a motorbike) raised only £8 approx in sponsorship. I am not sure that for 500 bikers this was a good sum.


I too was one of the bikers I too do a lot of work for charities


I do not ridicule anyone who gives anything no matter how little it is in these days of austerity ime sure charities welcome anything

Scrutineer, shame on you

fellow biker

I myself have taken part in many charity events on and off the island, island cycle rides, activity weekends and various other sponsored events to raise money for worthy causes..... Have had my legs waxed and once spent 8 hours sat in a dingy full of porridge at the top of King Street.... not much fun when its goes cold...... but that does not matter BUT was all in aid of Cancer research,

Your missing the point, regardless of how any sum of was raised, it goes to a worthwhile cause....or is there a minimum how much should be raised???? GET A GRIP!!!! or get a motorbike!!!!


Forgive me for saying this, but knowing quite a lot of people who do volunteer work. You don't sound one bit like a charitable person, I say to all those bikers. WELL DONE and may this become a regular thing.


My comment was on the headline 'heroic efforts. OK, I can see from these posts, and posts below that I have either stirred up a hornets nest or touched a raw nerve with the bikers community.

PJG - you have made a fair point - I agree; I should not ridicule anybody who raises something for any worthy charity.

I do apologise to those bikers who attended with the intention of raising money for charity, and actually did go out and get some sponsorship for the charity.

Real Truthseeker

No Scrutineer, you didn't just moan abotu the headline, you criticised that on average about £8 were raised per biker.

That is utterly disgustinbg, and you shoudl be ashamed of yourself... but then again, someone who makes such comments, wouldn't know how to be.


Sorry all my money was taken up trying to afford the 1300gbp third party only insurance for my 600cc bandit.

was unemployed and couldnt even afford my renewal at the time. I showed up and popped a tenner in the bucket and had fun in the process. many who went are teenagers livving on tupance and spending what they do have on their bikes.

I didnt see any car drivers out donating...they can afford to run cars shouldn't they do something? This is about having fun, raising awareness and raising money for charity


It wasn't an event to get sponsored, after all who would sponsor someone to ride a motorbike around the Island. The event was there with the clear intention of raising some money for the charity (I believe the minimum is £5 a person) but moreover to raise awareness for the charity by organising a spectacular sight for many Islanders to see, and therefore to try and implore them to reach into their own pockets to help support the charity. 500 bikers could have given £10 each, even £20 but the sum of money wouldn't be that great compared to if even half of the Islanders who saw the precession were to reach into their pockets for a £5 note, or even a £2 coin. You have missed the point completely, and in all honesty should be ashamed of yourself and your inability to look past face value. However good on you for doing charity work.

Charlie g sad can it get?...tuff luck if some motorists were a "little"disrupted by this heart warming event,As a motorists and biker myself,disruptions on our tin pot nanystate Island roads are an everyday hazard...the ex-service men for whom this event was for,may possibly been the ones that fought for all of us to live in a free world,even if that free world gets a bit disrupted at times.

The sad fact is,the British mentality towards bikers, has , is and always will be

A form of class barrier,which happily does not exist in Europe, USA and many other countries.

Biker Charity events are held all over the world ,by the cleanest of cut bikers ,to the hairiest rip roaring groups of bikers.,all with the same aim in mind,to help others and those in need! Maybe if some people in this world spent less time winging ,and bleeting ,had something constructive to occupy their minds with,the world would be a more pleasant ,tolerant place to live in....Well done bikers,more of the same one day.


This is not about road disruption (it was one of a list of possible costs that I mentioned); I was merely questioning the use of the word 'heroic' for this activity when they only raised an average of £8 each. It is almost embarrassingly small for all these people who can afford to run bikes. Read what I wrote above a bit more carefully.



I suggest you direct your criticism at the media for their choice of words not at the bikers, myself included, who come from all walks of life and gave their free time to do maybe just a little bit to raise some money for a worthwhile cause. And I reckon if you took the trouble to ask most of those who took part this was just one of many good causes that they will dig into their pockets for even in these recessionary times. So please next time keep your negative remarks to yourself.

Charlie G

With respect....i did read very well some of the ridiculous negative comments regarding the Charity run,thats why most posters on this subject are stunned at the short sighted negativity regarding ,totals , ride for pleasure, embarrasing sums,heroics etc etc.what a load of poppy cock. At the risk of sounding off like a parot, i'll say it again, even if this run had been done by the gentry in a cortage of Rolla's,and only raised a fiver each,IT DOES NOT MATTER,IT IS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNT'S AND EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS ,THOSE WORSE OFF THAN OURSELVES! Why even think about questioning the word ,"heroic".anyone on the Island who can occasionaly de-rail our clock work ,sometimes mundane Island thinking should be hailed a hero....bring it on bikers ,more runs please.

roger phlegm


Don't cut and paste your own grammatical errors. Even better, perfect primary school punctuation prior to pontificating.

God's Mentor

Totally agree with Scrutineer - average of £8 per bike is a bit poor/miserable. Sounds like the bikers were more interested in having a fun time than collecting money for the charity.


The asked donation was £5 per bike

So on average the bikers have given more than 50% extra

How much did you advise god to give?

Charlie g

For goodness sake get a grip,what planet are some of you "doupting thomas's" from....look at this way,if you had been looking forward to receiving a certain presént for xmas ,and you were naturaly disapointed cause you got something else ,it should NOT matter,it's the thought that count's. In this case, whether it was a quid per biker or 8quid per biker,SO WHAT,it's the thought (and a bit of normal human fun) that count's!

In any other country,especialy France,the everyday public and kids would of been out cheering the cortage of bikers on for their efforts,and motorists would of pulled over and the Police joining in with support ,to make sure the bikers had no hold ups along the way.Hard to believe for some enclosed minded local thinking,but thank goodness many local bikers are able to get of this Island and ride within "Grown up" mentality....again i say Bravo local bikers, lets hope for another run soon,even if it means De-railing so called Island normality,CAUSE ITS FOR PEOPLE WORSE OFF THAN US!.


Actually the honorary police were out manning major junctions (free of charge as usual) for the safety of the general public and the bikers

Simple Sid

Well said Charlie unfortunalty there are some very sad, ignorant, selfish narrow minded people on this post.

roger phlegm


If you want to use an apostrophe while shouting this was your opportunity. It's useful in such circumstances.


Scrutineer get a grip man the word Heroic was used to help discribe this event and seeing as more is to come you are so wrong to judge others,a lot of time and effort has gone into HFH, in the week they were taken out on bikes yes it cost money plus wear and tear but to see there faces tears of joy, i for one was not counting money that is an insult, i got a pint for Robert my passenger he told me the ride will stay with him for ever as it will for me,

Your an embarrassment to the men and woman that fought for us and suffered, are you putting your hand in your pocket i dont think so, we wont see your money so please stop your child like rants, get to meet and learn from the people we help and ask if they are grateful i promiss it will educate you.


Sorry forgot to say we dont use charity money to fuel our bikes or cover wear and tear that would not be on, the biker pay's for that plus prizes are donated yes free,

Try stepping out of your small world before you put your foot in it.

Fort 73

The biking fraternity is itself quite a small world so you can hardly talk of others inhabiting such limited confines.


A sum of £4000 in this day and age is wonderul. The ride out as well as raising money was to raise the awareness of Holiday for Heroes. Feel free to bicker about how little or much was raised. The heroes have and are fighting for us to have that freedom to be able to bicker. Personally even a £1 note helps a charity move forward.

Here's daughter

Any organisation who has raised money - any money - for this brilliant cause deserves praise and thanks. On behalf of my dad who was severely injured, my brother and son who have all been affected both physically and mentally by what they have seen by standing up for what is right and for other people by serving proudly in the British Army and all their colleagues and families - thank you . Don't take for granted what you have - there are many who don't have.

La Moye Squirrel

How great to see the Island biker community out together raising money for people who so much need our help and praise. It is easy to comment, to judge, to complain. It is a lot harder to see the world through the eyes of a soldier who has lost his arms, legs, mobility in the prime of his life for his country and must then face the aftermath for the rest of his life. I think we must be nice and quiet and respectful


Well done bikers no matter how much money you raised, your hearts are in the right place. I'ts lovely to see you all out on a ride which you don't have to sponsor but out of kindness and thought for others you all did.

Such miserable, mean, small minded comments about this......pathetic.....get a life

The Very Rev

How about they all stay at home next time and just send a charity 8 quid, instead of subjecting everyone to their ridiculous revving cavalcade?

That way PJG needn't either ride or direct the traffic. No conflict of loyalty.

Talk about boys and toys.


Last bit of real testosterone we have in this ere Island.....them bikers! Some of us luv them and admire their pluck.


I don't suppose that will be of interest because the visible, self-congratulatory nature of the exercise would be absent, as would the opportunity to disregard other road users for a day.


Rev ,

Do you ever do anything for fun?

Because you sound a very negative person who could benefit from a dose of wind in your face.


Oh yes. More than you could probably imagine, despite all that experience with the honoraries, and I've got a face more windblown than a trawlerman. In fact, I really need to stay in more!

I'm not really a dean or whatever. Far from it.

Had a baked beans curry last night

There's enough wind being blown about on this thread as it is. Much of it has the pungent smell of self-righteousness and, as such, closely resembles flatulence.

Simple Sid

No 12 do you actually know what the cause was for? Ignorance is blind

The Larkin

It is, but any fundraising activity is about the charitable process rather than the charity itself. It is about people putting their hands into their pocket. The amounts raised here show that those participating did not delve particularly well.

The fact that you question whether someone is aware of the identity of the charity does tend to show that this exercise in riding around the island has failed in so far as many remain ignorant as to its purpose. One wonders whether, as in so many other things, the charitable aspect is merely a rather convenient bolt-on label.

Sometimes it is preferable to exercise discretion when giving to a charity rather than allowing self-indulgence to overshadow the exercise.

Very Rev

Very aware, thank you.

The 'cause' was Holidays for Heroes.

The mechanism was summed up nicely by Dorothy.

The real cause, of course, was the government who who sent the heroes on their ill-fated errand.

Maybe they should be picking the holiday bill instead of Jersey's finest bikers?


The headline was wrong."Hundreds of bikers make heroic effort for charity". I thank the said bikers for raising £4000 for Holidays for Heroes, but they are not the heroes. I have a close relative, who was severely wounded in the service of his country and my then young wife stepped in to help look after his children, during the time that he needed the support of his own wife, as he went through months of hospital procedures to remove a remaining bullet and repair the damaged nerves from another. She would have been horrified to think that her actions were somehow heroic. I suspect that the bikers, who had a great day out with parish support and raised money for our heroic servicemen, would agree with her. Scrutineer, much maligned I think, merely made a point that perhaps the onus for such a large gathering of charity raising bikers, nowadays, not quite the hairy Hell's Angels of yesterday, but now including the odd accountant in disguise!, should have concentrated more than simply focussing on their individual "heroic" contributions of around £8 a head, but perhaps with a measly two or three sponsors for each, could have raised over £10,000.


The headline was just that, a headline. Written by a journalist for maximum effect. I travelled from Guernsey with a group of bikers, and also brought over the proceeds of other fundraising that took place in Guernsey to help this charity. I make no bones about the fact that I enjoyed the weekend in Jersey as well as taking part in the rideout. We didnt do it as a hardship, we did it to raise money and awareness of this wonderful charity which supports the real hero's. The money raised that day (and more to come) will positivly help at least 8 injured servicemen and their families. If that in some way inconvenienced you on a Sunday Lunchtime I think you live a sad and sheltered life. In August I shall be taking a sponsered sky dive in Guernsey. Although the though petrifies me, I am also doing this for my own satisfaction as well as raising more money for Holidays For Heroes and Headway Guernsey. Hopefully I will be able to positivly affect one more family. Being charitable can be challenging without being a hardship.


If people put the effort into raising money for our injured servicemen/women that they apear to be putting into ridiculing those that have done something perhaps more would be collected

Only £8 per head maybe but it was the fact that the event attracted so many that it made a total that will make a difference

Perhaps if a whingathon were arranged a similar amount could be collected from some posting on here ?




Postal Donation

Holidays for Heroes Jersey

c/o: The Treasurer


La Grande Route de la Cote,

St Clement, JERSEY JE2 6SF


I really cannot believe how pathetic some of the comments are on here! Ok, maybe "heroic effort" was not the best headline but that is not the fault of the bikers. It was not a sponsored event. Bikers can ride for free anytime but they chose on this day to all donate £5 to a deserving cause and have a nice day out with the biker community. I don't see why the negative attitudes are necessary! People getting together to raise money! What is bad about that? As for the comment about "they can afford to run a bike" so should give more - it actually costs less to run a bike than a car! I have a bike for this reason, they are also much more Eco friendly and parking is free! Only paying £10 for a months worth of petrol suits me and the environment :)

So please stop the moaning and if you have nothing nice to say, don't ruin everyone else's fun! :D


To the very rev i think a lot of people would love you to spend more time at home confined in your small world how sad.

As for taking up the roads for a day? how stupid are you Dorothy get back on your yellow brick road your tinman outlook shows how stupid you are, easy to sit at home doing nothing least we support a worthy cause,

Look at the latest news the killing of that poor soldier makes us stronger just take time to think of his family and loved ones yes the next rideout will be bigger and better.

Jersey Biker

Lots of interesting comments.

This was not an event with participants seeking sponsorship from friends/family/work colleagues in the traditional sense - ie where someone does something 'out of the ordinary' like running a marathon or sitting in a bowl of custard in King Street. It was a chance for like minded people to get together and share their collective love of motorbikes whilst doing good for a local charity at the same time.

And I think the turnout was excellent, the riders behaviour on the road first class, and the amount of cash raised amazing. Well done to all participants. One simple message for all those who say '£8 per rider was not a lot' - what are YOU all doing to help raise funds for local charities ?

For those of you that think motorcyclists cannot be bothered to do 'proper' sponsored events, I am off to the UK to take part in a charity ride next month - 1,000 miles in under 24 hours on a 125cc scooter - again raising funds for a military related charity. And I fully expect to have raised well over £1,000 by the time the ride is over. Is that enough for all the doubters ?

Jersey Biker

I agree that the word 'Heroic' in the headline is not quite right - but the choice of words is down to the reporter, and should not reflect upon the organisers of the event, nor the participants.

expat rog

as a born again biker,i think it was a great day out,a good cause, i saw the first run when a i came over for liberation day which revived my interest in motorbikes i have been on the ride for the last two years,iwould like too thank all the bikers and organizer for a great day for a good cause

p.s all the neg thinkers/on yer bike