Stronger population controls taken on board ‘immediately’

A HOT-LINE for Islanders to report illegal workers and more inspectors to check building sites, kitchens and shops would be welcome additions to immigration controls, says Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier.

Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier
Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier

A HOT-LINE for Islanders to report illegal workers and more inspectors to check building sites, kitchens and shops would be welcome additions to immigration controls, says Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier.

The Senator, who has political responsibility for migration policy, said that he wanted to see stronger enforcement measures to help control the population.

He spoke in response to a report released this week by the Corporate Services Scrutiny sub-panel, which conducted an in-depth review of the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law.

The law, which is expected to come into force in April, provides measures to control immigration by restricting access to housing and work.

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Comments for: "Stronger population controls taken on board ‘immediately’"

James Wiley

A hotline for people to report people who are working without paying tax and social security is more like it.

We know that all the government really cares about is ensuring that it is robbing as much money from the people as possible.

Why else only bring immigration control in when the population has gone into decline?


they are dreaming no one works cash in hand they are really wrong about this one

the thin wallet

you must be talking about another place evelyn.

the black economy will always be alive in jersey.

cash is cash.


I must have missed something, when did the population start to go into decline can you post your figures to back this up please?

James Wiley

You publish the figures to show immigration still increasing... if not I will take the evidence of my own eyes.

Long term residents (I mean 100 year plus and some 500 year plus Jersey families) quitting the island and more would follow if they weren't trapped in mortgages that are more than the value of their houses.

I am ready to go, house sold, money converted to gold and already safely stashed off island where the States of Jersey can't steal it from me. I have even learnt to speak Spanish to widen the options for the future.

Chile is looking promising, it has the lowest taxes in the world.

I am ready to take the boat at a moment's notice along with many of my fellow Jersey men and women.


Another ill thought out idea by this inept government.

Governments are in place to ensure that the laws of the land that "they" enacted have sufficiant resources to impliment them.

What this Minister is suggesting is that individual citizens should snoop on their neighbours because the government cannot (or will not) fulfil the role for which they get paid a substantial amount of money to do.

It is not a citizens job to control immigration it is the governments and if Paul Routier does not believe he is up to the job he can resign. As asking people to make judgements on the eligability of a person to live and and work here is not up to an individual it is the Governments.

And to be honest if he does resign he can take almost all of the Council of Ministers with him. They will not be missed.

Bandiera Rossa

Precisely !!


We've got a phone number for every crime ...


Using your logic we wouldn't have people reporting crimes, just the Police.

dark WIND

far far to late you bunch of clowns


Have people stopping them coming off the boat. Stop issuing Social Security cards. for starters

James Wiley

Bring an end to income support and the job's a good un.

That and we would save about £300,000,000 per year which could be used to lower tax rates and get the economy booming again.


More bull to appease the electorate

The problem is legal immigration not illegal workers.

Non enforcement of the five year rule for virtually all segments of the economy and handing out JCats like confetti for non essential jobs is the main cause of immigration.

Tim South

Is Paul Routier worried about the elections already ? Ah yes The Electoral Commission are giving the voters few choices but two of them means less bodies to sit in the States. Has cheap electioneering started already ?

It does also smack of passing the responsibility to members of the community rather than the States putting in place a proper structure to deal with immigration. About right for most of the Ministers.

Old Fart

Here's one up for comment as I don't know enough about the 'over populated' problem.

Pass a housing rule that all registered bedsit accommodation can only rent out the rooms for a maximum of 2 months, unless the applicants can prove they have been on the island for 2 years continuously.

This will slow down the population growth (I think) and also make more self catering accomodation available for a more acceptable lower cost rate to the tourist, this should then increase the tourism numbers, lower the jobless rate and improve the retail and tourism sector.

Just a thought, it's open for comment as usual


Really I fear the only people to be leaving Jersey will be the Jerseyman or perhaps that

is what Government wants ,They will be in the

minorty and will have no voice,

Grow a back bone and form a proper immigration

policy and stop mucking around as you will lose the respect of the Islanders.


Sorry but the indigenous, historical Jerseyman is now a minority in his\her ancestral country. This was proved in the census results whereby only 50% of the people who answered (,,,) on the island were born here.


That's right. we must encourage immigrants to start having children to raise the 50%!


We must remember not all immigrants are Polish or Portuguese and work in coffee shops.

It is unfair on these nationalities to focus just on them.

Who ever mentions the Scottish plumber, or the Irish electrician, or even the English Senator?

Yes,even certain members of the States are technically immigrants.


Well, some more than others. Some integrate beetr and speak english, whereas others don't and they speak their own language when serving in shops etc.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. If it is unfair on certain nationalities, then they are, of course, free to give this place a miss, which many hope that they will.


My point was that people in general appear to blame everything on the Polish and the Portuguese, while ignoring all other nationalities.


Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying your post. I was not aware that any particular nationalties were singled out- of course, as was said above, if Jersey is seen as being an unpleasant place, then perhaps they will not continue to come here.

Parktown Prawn

Most of the nationalities you highlight pETE are british....Jersey is a british island and Jersey people have british passports.

There IS a difference.

Personally, I do not consider anyone from the British Isles to be an immigrant.....we are all the same nationality. To get "nationalised" in Jersey the examinations cover both the UK AND Jersey.......a british person, therefore, does not need to be "nationalised" here.


Everybody who lives on Jersey and was not born here is technically an immigrant.

Sorry, don’t see a difference between British and other members of the EU.

Historically Jersey is actually more French than British anyway.

Parktown Prawn

"Sorry, don’t see a difference between British and other members of the EU."

Don't you?

So you'd also class a Scot living in England as an immigrant?

....a welshman living in Scotland? englishman in Wales?

....a Guernseyman in Jersey?

How about a mainland spaniard living in Tenerife? or Majorca? or Ibiza?

Are they all immigrants or simply nationals living within their realm?


Jersey is not part of the UK.


Well, some more than the others. Some integrate beetr and speak english, whereas others don’t and they speak their own language when serving in shops etc.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. If it is unfair on certain nationalities, then they are, of course, free to give this place a miss, which many hope that they will.

C Le Verdic

'Jersey is not part of the UK'

Except when the right to work here as an EU citizen comes into the equation!

Parktown Prawn


"Jersey is not part of the UK."

Who said it was?

Jersey IS a part of the British Isles though!!


I agree with some of what you say Pete but it's difficult to be able to say who is an immigrant and who isn't. I was born in France but both my parents are Jersey born and we moved back to Jersey when I was a few months old, with my parents not being away from Jersey for more than 2 years. Does that make me an immigrant or a Jersey bean?

Parktown Prawn - yes we have british passports but that's only because we do not have a choice. I'd be much happier with a Jersey passport. Anyone from the UK has as much (or if you prefer) as little rights to immigrate to Jersey as anyone else on this planet. Why should all our jobs be taken up by greedy brits who have their huge houses in the UK, then come here and be given a J cat and cheap rent? I'd rather a hard working

friendly polish or mexican or french or american shop worker who has come here to make a life for themself and contribute wholeheartedly to Jersey life, than some british person who comes here to work, earn above average salary, take up valuable school spaces, then decide that actually they miss their UK life and bugger off leaving behind ajob which a local person could have really done with and school space which a local kid should have been given. It's the brits who make Jersey a less attractive place to live to be honest as they can't handle their alcohol and are the most criminal of all the nationalities here.

Parktown Prawn

Frenchie many flaws in one comment!

First of all, J-Cats are for essential workers...not minimum wage workers. They are not given exclusively to british workers. They are also a minority in the working population!

I am a Jersey person, however, I know many brits who come to Jersey to work hard and settle down to make the island their home. They DO "contribute wholeheartedly to Jersey life"!!

You don't think other nationalities "comes here to work, earn above average salary, take up valuable school spaces, then decide that actually they miss their (country of choice) life and bugger off leaving behind ajob which a local person could have really done with and school space which a local kid should have been given"????

Get real!!

I worked on the front desk many moons ago in a top bank......every day we would be writing out substantial money orders for foreign nationals to send home!!

These same people looked like they were poverty stricken, living off the streets, moaning how badly Jersey was treating them and how poor they were and yet could regularly afford to send thousands of pounds home to build their "mansions"!!

Does that sound like people who were planning on settling in Jersey to you?

Incidentally, this is also one of the biggest drains on our earned locally, not spent locally and leaving the economy entirely!

What about the foreign nationals who bring their families and children.....or give birth once on these shores?

Do you not think foreign nationals "take up valuable school spaces"?

....and with the additional costs of interpreters in some cases!!

"It’s the brits who make Jersey a less attractive place to live to be honest as they can’t handle their alcohol and are the most criminal of all the nationalities here."

You clearly live on another island because I see it differently.

Jersey has ALWAYS had a british influence, however, it is the last 10-20 years which have been the worst. This coincides with the mass influx of eastern and southern europeans.

Most criminal? You are a sheltered is the Polish gangs running brothels and prostitution in the don't think it exists?

The most recent high profile killings and car crashes have been caused by foreign nationals. Rapes and assaults against women have increased.

I've seen many groups of "foreign" men leering at school girls whilst drinking their cheap alcohol in public spaces. I've never seen any brits behave this way!

Town in general is not a welcoming place with so many foreign languages and people unwilling to integrate....

You need to take your blinkers off.


You're making St. Helier sound like London. Shades of things to come?


Frenchie you are a Frenchman,I am British by birth English by the grace of god,In Jersey in the sixties and early seventies i can remember hedgerows in the country littered with french farmworkers drunk and incapable with empty bottles of selection 13 by their sides !

the thin wallet

i do hope this is not all hot air.

with no action.


We need hot air with action. Immediately!

Polish work harder

Sorry but I will always try and find a polish tradesman. They get to work on time, deliver to a good standard, are polite and respectful and are willing to work for a basic days money. The opposite is the jersey born builder who wants to rip you off and sub out the work, the jersey born plumber who wants 40 an hour or the jersey born painter who thinks he is worth 200 a day so to afford the repayments on his 35000 car.

Just employed a polish painter on 10 a hour and would say that the quality of his work is outstanding.

Stop trying to protect the local minority. Accept that the world is now a transient place and that the only way to move forward is to change and work harder.

Also jersey wanted cheap labour in the good days, you can not expect people to just leave in the bad days. Those that are here are working hard under the scope of the law set by those you elect. The indemic racism that emodies the typical small minded islander is terrible.


You can expect people to leave when it suits the host country. Others, like Australia, do it all the time. It is called economic migration planning.

Can I just add- the account of foreign tradespeople which you relate does not accord with my own experience, nor with those of anyone who I know- perhaps you ahve been exceptionally lucky or perhaps you have a narrow view; your comment with regard to Jersey people would suggest the latter to be the case; in fact, the "indemic" (sic) racism of which you write is seen in your own commentary, whereby your bigotry is directed at Jersey people. Perhaps you are, in fact, the "small minded islander" yourself?

As a last thought-I wonder if your apparently diligent worker paid tax and social on his cash payment? I would imagine not nut one can be pleasantly surprised at unexpected acts of honesty-here's hoping.


I know plenty jersey builder who take the cash. How very dare you.


Quite. How very dare they, it is so bad over here, how very you want to stay?


What has Australia got to do with it and there are no true Australians in Australlia, they're all foreigners. Even in Australia a foreigner has rights, what you hear and see on TV is utter rubbish. You forget that Poland is Europe, you have the right to go to Poland with a Jersey passport. When you get a job you'll get a Visa and even a Jersey person can become a polish citizen. I also have to agree that the polish tradesmen have better qualifications than a lot of Jersey tradesmen & do a good job. Go to Poland and you'll see the building quality is better than Jersey.


Australia is relevant because it has strict immigration controls, which is what we should be implementing here. There are quite a few similarities.

The argument that "all Australians are foreigners" is a childish one. I would like to see what Australia House would say if you tried that on and argued that you did not need a visa to get into their country.

the thin wallet

ten pound a hour , less after social and tax .

will see a man with a family in social housing and being topped up with income support, no?

just wondered how much you charge you good man out at?

Parktown Prawn

"basic days money"

Well you can read that as "cheap". You can also assume that by being paid daily, they receive cash in hand and, therefore, unlikely to pay income tax on their earnings.

"jersey born painter who thinks he is worth 200 a day so to afford the repayments on his 35000 car."

I know plenty of painters in Jersey and NONE of them have £35,000 cars.....or earn £200 a day for that matter, which is way more than the "average" Jersey wage!!

This is absolute nonsense!! Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself here?

I think the only person trying to "rip off" others here is YOU!

You want to continue taking advantage of cheap labour to boost your own greed. I for one will be glad when some sites are raided to ensure qualified workers are on site......I hope you are doing things legally ;-)

"The indemic racism that emodies the typical small minded islander is terrible."

.....and yet it is YOU who "will always try and find a polish tradesman" and specifically accuse the "Jersey born" of being too costly and shoddy in their work. Why did you not mention the vast numbers of british manual workers we have in the island???

How hypocritical can you get?


It should be my decision who I employ to be honest. If your favourite football team plays in the champions league and gets a great foreign player at a low price, you're all happy. why shouldn't it be different in working life. If I don't like a british car & buy a german one, (because of it's quality) I will do so. The guy who sells it might be british & still spends the money somewhere (shopping, travel etc.). It's a free world and this is what's keeping Jersey behind. Jersey wants to attract foreign businesses to create jobs but why should they come if you have nothing to offer. The company will pick a different location where people are happy to have jobs & don't mind foreigners. Invest in Jersey, your international staff will have great pleasure living in damp non-qual apartments, dream on.............

Parktown Prawn


You are, of course, very long as you employ them legally.

However, as you say, it is also the right of the consumer to choose who they do business with.

What I take exception to is the shamefully overused excuse that "locals" are not good enough or deem the work to be beneath them. We all know there may be a minority of workers this will apply to, but not as a general is simply an excuse for the greedy employer to pay less and boost their profits for themselves.

You should pay more attention to what your customer's want and perhaps you will be lucky enough to maintain your business in this economic climate.......just look around St Helier and listen to the avalanche of complaints from the consumer.

"Pay peanuts and you get monkeys" is what I would call quite an appropriate phrase. Poor customer service, language and cultural barriers etc have been pushing shoppers to the internet in their droves.

It will take a miracle to get many of them back to the local high street!

Fanny by Gaslight

Parktown "prat" should be barred of this site.

I have never seen such a small minded, bigoted, racist character full of hatred

giving all islanders a bad name.

Please stop printing this offensive material,go back into your cave with your medieval mentallity!

Rascist hatred! its time this was stopped!

Parktown Prawn


Please tell me where I am being "racist".

Try looking up the definition of the word "racist" before ignorantly spewing it our of your uneducated mouth!

It is actually idiots like you, misusing the word, who are causing greater damage!!

Parktown Prawn

....oh and Fanny?

If you dislike "Racist hatred" so much, then how about opening your eyes and standing up for your fellow islanders for a change?

If you haven't noticed a lot of the racist nonsense it actually being directed TOWARDS the local, Jersey person.

Are you THAT blind you cannot see?

Hope to live in Jersey

We have the same problem here in the US...the only way to fight it is to severely punish business owners who hire illegal workers. Pay a surprise visit to the business and check the IDs of each worker. Anyone turns up without a work permit, the owner pays a fine of £25k or £50k. Take away the opportunity for illegals to work and they'll be forced to go home (or at least elsewhere) for their paycheck.


I find it a total joke. Islanders have been pushing for this for years and years, and now finally it looks like some progress will be made ! Well done to our States members, regardless of the red tape you have faced over the years its still yet another case of ''to little to late''

Too much to comprehend

Do you, seriously, not understand the difference between 'to' and 'too'?

Perhaps we should start by deporting ignoramuses.


Stronger population controls.... What is the point of people telling you these things as they are not actioned, you can't even monitor tax frauders or social security frauders and now your are trying to run another project honestly you really need to put a plan in action for all of the above.... they are far too many people ripping off this Island.....

ex Jersey resident

I have worked and lived in jERSEy for almost 10 years ,i have left in 1996,and i keep up with the JEP every day ,I had a very happy times in jersey,and sad one to ,the acomodation it was something from the 18th century stile ,riped opff ,and withouit eny conditiosn to live,I have paid a lot of income taxes ,and happy to do so,I have never been a burden to the sates ,on the oposite a net tax payer,but now IT IS very sad to see the problems the islnd is facing ,adn the blame on the imigrants,in particularly,on the portugueses and polish,I must say ,I am portugues,but i still love jersey as the place where one day I had happy times ,and we felt that it belongs to us to.


It's sad but all too natural for a people to blame outsiders for woes generated from both within and outside of their country. You only need to look at Greece in particular and other European nations to see the far right beginning to take hold once again. Even in the UK we see UKIP on the rise, sure the people fronting the party seem pretty reasonable but the deeper you dig the more right wing they become. 1933 anyone? I mean anyone?!


Almost correct, except that the Nazis were predominently left wing in ideology and were most certainly left wing with the dictatorial way in which they delivered government.


How do you figure that? They were anti religious, homerphobic racists. Not really what I'd call left wing.

James Wiley

They were Authoritarian, just like the communists believing that everything should be centrally planned. The opposite of Authoritarian is Libertarian which holds that individuals should make those decisions which affect their own lives. See also subsidiarity.

I also don't think the Nazis were homophobic, I don't think they were afraid of homosexuals I just think they viewed them as abominations of nature.

UKIP is not right wing, it is Libertarian i.e. opposed to centralised government


Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Daily Mail readers to snitch on those pesky foreigners. Not keen on this hotline idea, perhaps more effective government controls are what's needed....if they're needed at all. I agree to an extent with No.10, I find tradesment extremely expensive in Jersey and my experience of Polish workers is often a quicker, better job from someone who seems to want to put a shift in.


Not to mention smarmy Guardian readers.


Which planet does Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier live in?

The only way to control Immigartion is to bring back work permits and please don't tell me it can't be done because of EU roles.

1) Jersey is not in the EU

2) if our politicians are so concerned about EU regulation , they should be fighting for the right of a Jersey person being allowed to work in the EU without any regulation!